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Strictly's Katya Jones sparks frenzy as she posts intimate snap with ex Neil Jones
Fans and friends of Katya were quick to jump on to her post to share their love and wish her the best.@Nancy_xuxi commented on the post with five flames.@Kathy_farrell1965 wrote: “Just beautiful both of you.”@Lisamariecatchpole penned: “You two really need to get back together xx”Katya, on January 21, spoke up about the “special treatment” she felt that Neil was receiving behind the scenes of the live tour.She appeared with Amy Dowden on their Instagram stories and expressed anger over unfair treatment she felt she was receiving.Katya, along with Amy, told Amy’s 314,000 followers that they were unhappy with what was going on.In the story, uploaded this weekend, the two were dressed up in sparkly red robes on their way to appear on the Strictly live tour.Neil sat next to the pair, as he was receiving a head massage.Addressing the situation, Katya fumed: "So, what is going on there?"We never get that sort of treatment!" she added.Grinning cheekily, Neil joked: "It's because they like me.”Shocked, Amy yelled: "Tracy, I thought you liked me!" before the crew member ran out of sight."Enjoying that Neil?" she asked the star."Loving it," he replied.The dance stars could then be seen shaking their heads in mock outrage.Earlier that day, Katya had said she was “buzzing for the live show tonight!”
Michael Portillo's rare comment about private life with beloved wife Carolyn
Michael Portillo has explained how he and his wife Carolyn Eadie, who will celebrate 40 years of marriage together next month, have purchased a property in Andalucia.Thanks to his mixed Spanish and Scottish heritage, he is likely to blend into the warm surroundings well."Carolyn and I have bought a lovely house near Seville," he explained."I have a large number of cousins in Spain and I tend to be the organiser of reunions and parties."I have no surviving close relatives in Scotland but Carolyn does, and we travel north of the border from time to time.However, he admits the pair get to Scotland "much less often than to sunny Andalusia".Perhaps it's hardly surprising that the couple dodge the bitterly cold Scottish weather sometimes.Michael is also a keen traveller to continents further afield, with his TV work previously having taken him to the opposite side of the world.The Great Australian Railway Journeys star had no qualms about the weather when travelling across the desert - but the epic train voyage took him to plenty of other diverse landscapes as well."The highlights were the two epic journeys on The Ghan and the Indian Pacific," the 66-year-old recalled to Journey Beyond."Europeans find it hard to comprehend how big and how empty Australia is, and the train provides the best way to ram home the point."But I was in general very captivated with Australian history and I hope that Australians of every background will feel that we have attempted to tell it straight."The TV star has also captivated followers with other adventure screenings, including Great Indian Railway Journeys and Great American Railroad Journeys.Once known as Britain's "most hated Tory", Michael is now more likely to be stopped by fans clamouring
'This aged so badly' AJ Odudu recalls sweet moment Kai Widdrington called her 'glowing'
Strictly Come Dancing 2021 dance partner Kai Widdrington is heard complimenting the TV presenter's good looks.The 26-year-old dancer from Southampton seemed curious to know how AJ achieved her "glowing" skin complexion, prompting the latter to light up with a gleaming smile."You look fabulous," Kai commented while holding the camera at a close-up angle of the Married at First Sight star."Have you done something different?"Did you put like a moisturiser before bed, or like a face mask?"AJ, who appeared to be somewhat taken aback by the compliment, beamed as she gave Kai a rundown of how she was keeping good care of her skin."I moisturise morning, noon, and night," she said."Do you?" Kai chimed in.AJ added: "You know it.There's no ashy skin here."Alongside this, AJ penned: "This video has aged so badly."But a follow-up post on her Story would suggest otherwise, as AJ covered her entire face with a thick layer of a moisturising cream.The telly personality held up a peace sign while sporting an orange crop top and denim jeans in the snap.She accessorised her unique ensemble with a pair of dark shades, a necklace and round earrings.Alongside this, AJ penned: "This video has aged so badly."But a follow-up post on her Story would suggest otherwise, as AJ covered her entire face with a thick layer of a moisturising cream.The telly personality held up a peace sign while sporting an orange crop top and denim jeans in the snap.She accessorised her unique ensemble with a pair of dark shades, a necklace and round earrings."Pure ashy skin here," her caption on the Story post read.AJ then went on to post what appeared to be another throwback photo of herself with "ashy skin"."It's the ashy skin for me," the former Big Brother's Bit on
Alex Scott worries about sharing 'too much information' in very candid health update
Instagram today to share "too much information" when discussing what she is doing on her juice retreat.Taking to her Instagram story, Alex has posted pictures from her mystery holiday destination.The star also shared "too much information" when detailing what she was doing today on her trip.From pictures, Alex seems to be staying at Juice Master's Retreat, a fitness retreat in Portugal.Carol Vorderman, 61, returned from their Sunday after her trip, that included walking 70 miles.In view of her 1.2 million followers, Alex said to her phone: "This may be a bit too much, TMI, but I am off for a colonic."My first colomnic of 2022. Ewwwww." (sic)Colonic irrigation involves the insertion of a nozzle of a device into the rectum to send water into the colon.This flushes out the large intestine, which is meant to be good for your health.The former footballer has played for Arsenal and has made 140 appearances for England's women's national football team.Alex admitted in the past however that at the height of her career, her success had dangerous costs to her mental health.In an interview with Women’s Health she described how trolling on social media, a form of cyber bullying, led her to seek therapy.Alex said in October: “When I retired, getting trolled, I found that I was turning to drink to try and hide everything, hide what I was feeling."Looking at my daily life, many would wonder how I could be ‘depressed’.
Aled Jones’ daughter Emilia ‘mortified’ as family secret is exposed on This Morning
This Morning today to discuss her new film CODA.The young actress was introduced by presenters Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes when fellow guest Gyles Brandreth let slip a rather embarrassing secret about her famous family.The 73-year-old revealed that Aled's wife, Claire Fossett, is a highly acclaimed circus performer.Gyles said: “You know Aled Jones, but you may not know [Emilia’s] mum, Claire Fossett from the distinguished circus family.“She is a trapeze artist.“They are neighbours of ours and in their front room they have a reinforced chandelier.“So, Claire, on a good day, can actually swing from the chandelier.”Rochelle immediately burst into laughter as shocked Phillip sat with his mouth wide open.The host turned to a giggling Emilia and asked: “So, what do you think mum’s gonna think about that story being told?”The Locke & Key actress replied: “She is going to be absolutely mortified! Mortified!”Gyles added: “No she’s not! She is so lovely.They are the most brilliant family in the world which is why they have this genius daughter who is going to become a huge star.”Phillip told Emilia to “apologise to her mum” for Gyles letting the secret slip.Still laughing, Emilia put her hands over her mouth and said: “I will! My goodness.”As a member of the famous Fossett family, Aled’s wife Claire performed in the circus when she was younger.The trapeze artist met Aled when he was performing in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat in Blackpool in the 1990s.They were married in 2001 and share Emilia and their son Lucas, 16.Speaking about her parents today, Emilia gushed that they are “so supportive”.She told Phil and Rochelle: “They are not pushy at all and when I was younger, I used to hate it when they wanted
Phillip Schofield insists he is ‘not a diva’ after complaint backstage at This Morning
Phillip Schofield, 59, is determined to prove he is not a diva after he was almost faced with disaster on the set of This Morning today. Phillip repeatedly made the assertion after he purchased a new pair of shoes, which he complained were so slippery, he almost fell over.To avoid an accident, Phil got his stylist, David O’Brien, to mend his shoes while he and Rochelle took a break from their presenting duties.The host found the moment hysterical and shared it with fans on his Instagram Story.In view of his three million followers, Phillip was filmed sitting on the This Morning sofa during an advert break with his leg on David’s knee as he scored his shoes with a pair of scissors.In the clip, Phillip laughs and says: “I’m not a diva," as David sarcastically rolls his eyes.Phil then protests: “I’m not, I’m not!” and the camera pans to Rochelle, who jokes: “But he wants his soles personalised darling!”The presenter explained: “I’ve got new shoes and they are very, very slippery.“So, they are being scored.“I’m not a diva!”In another clip, David was in stitches after playing a rude prank on the Dancing on Ice host.Phillip asked: “Have you drawn something on the bottom of my shoes...What word have you put on the bottom of my shoes?”The stylist laughed and said: “Yeah, you really don’t wanna know.
I'm A Celebrity star Matty Lee left 'bruised' and in pain after he 'walks into glass door'
"I was running late, I can't lie, so I was rushing and then, BOOM!"Matty looked around immediately to check whether anyone had witnessed the embarrassing moment, but fortunately for the deeply embarrassed sporting star, the collision had "luckily" happened when he was alone.Fortunately, the mark was much less prominent than it felt.Zooming the camera in to reveal faint marks on one cheekbone, which extended up to his eyebrow, he confessed that it had been a painful blow.In an amusing moment, Matty had another accidental mishap right there and then on camera, when he was walking past the showers and one automatically activated, spraying him with a cascade of water."Why am I wet?!" he demanded to know, flinching back before sheepishly laughing.In a later slide of his Instagram stories, he confided: "Right, I think I've definitely gotten away with bruising because I hit it hard."Trust me, I was like strutting on my way to training and I went for it."Usually I just cruise through [the door but] then just bounced off and you can see, like, a red mark."However, the concerned sportsman was well equipped to deal with it, having weathered far worse storms in the past - including a literal one during his time on I'm A Celebrity.Referring to the gruelling experience with his campmates, he revealed to The Mirror: "Where we slept there was a roof but there was a big draft coming through so it wasn't a completely closed building."Leaves were flying in and everything!"When a dramatic storm arrived, the staff hastily relocated the stars, leading to a communal sleepover session on the floor of a campfire room.While gathering in a "safe room" was actually a "fun" experience for Matty, other aspects - such as the absence of the nutritious
A Place In The Sun's Leah Charles King left 'ashamed' by diagnosis before 'big coming out'
A Place in the Sun last year and has become a firm favourite on the show.Speaking exclusively to Leah revealed that she used to be "ashamed" of her bipolar disorder before her "big coming out" eight years ago.Leah has been very vocal about her battle with bipolar disorder and is an ambassador for Bipolar UK.She uses her presenting platform and social media pages to normalise the conversation and to end the stigma around mental illness.Leah has now admitted she used to be "petrified" and "ashamed" of her diagnosis and telling others about it.She said: "When I was diagnosed eight/nine years ago, I hid it."I only came out, as I call it, my big coming out, about two years ago.I was so ashamed and I was petrified actually."I couldn’t think of anything worse than bipolar because, you know, if you have anything else, people will give you sympathy and they will wrap you up in love."But when you’ve got a mental illness you are very much left alone and it’s already such a lonely condition and I just hid it.She continued: "I was hiding a big part of myself and when I came out it was the most empowering thing I’ve ever done and I’ve never looked back since."Leah did not believe after she was diagnosed that she would be able to live her dream of being a presenter due to "the stigma around mental illness".Talking about getting the life changing role, she said: "Presenting is something I know I am good at and I have worked hard at."It makes me happy and I don’t do it for fame and fortune.
'Challenging to be nude at 62' Emma Thompson talks how she prepared for full-frontal scene
Celebrated actress Emma Thompson is starring in the film Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, which sees a woman hire a male prostitute in the hopes of having an orgasm for the very first time.The film, which also features Peaky Blinders star Daryl McCormack, had its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival over the weekend.Emma, 62, revealed that both herself and Daryl rehearsed their nude scene in the buff, while director Sophie Hyde also disrobed in way of support for her actors. “Sophie, Daryl, and I rehearsed entirely nude and talked about our bodies, talked about our relationship with our bodies, drew them, discussed the things that we find difficult about, things we like about them, described one another's bodies,” Emma explained in a Cinema Cafe conversation at Sundance.“It's very challenging to be nude at 62.She stands in front of a mirror alone and she drops her robe,” she said of her character, Nancy Stokes. The film follows widowed school teacher Nancy, who hires male prostitute ‘Leo Grande’ (Daryl) in an attempt to finally achieve her first orgasm. In her interview with Entertainment Weekly, she continued: “Nothing has changed in the dreadful demands made upon women in the real-world world but also in acting.“This thing of having to be thin is still the same as it ever was, and actually in some ways I think it's worse now.The star went on to admit: “The age that I am makes it extremely challenging because we aren't used to seeing untreated bodies on the screen.”Emma also reminisced about the time she spent getting comfortable with her co-star by going on walks around the muddy banks of Hampstead Heath, London.“That was very important that we could hold onto each other and laugh.
Jeremy Clarkson's scathing attack on those against planning permission for new café
Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has big plans for his farm Diddly Squat, but sadly it seems the sleepy village of Chadlington has other ideas.The Grand Tour star has run into numerous issues from opposing villagers, most recently for his proposed farm café, that was scuppered by a planning subcommittee - but he's not giving up.Jeremy prides himself for playing outside the rules, and vowed he would continue to fight to diversify farming to help his fellow agricultural workers that are struggling due to rules set out by local governments.In his latest column for The Times, he launched a scathing attack on those who tried their hardest to get his case thrown out - and succeeded - but not for long.After he spent thousands turning an unused lambing barn into a small, wood 'n' sawdust café, Jeremy was perplexed when planning permission was refused, despite having the backing from numerous organisations, including the parish council, Thames Valley Police, Oxfordshire county council's transport division, West Oxfordshire district council's drainage division, their environmental health people and their business development department."Other farmers in the area pledged their support too, which isn't surprising as I'd be paying rather more than what they could get selling their pork and vegetables and chickens to the supermarkets," he joshed.Of course there was opposition, but the job looked a good'n until he received the bad news.He penned: "The fateful meeting where this happened was held in a puscoloured room at the headquarters of the West Oxfordshire district council, in Witney."Inside there was a lot of press, an angry rich couple from my local village and, facing the local civil servants and minute-takers, ten councillors from the
Dancing On Ice's Sally Dynevor speaks out on husband's help during cancer battle
Coronation Street star, who is currently featuring in this year's series of Dancing On Ice, discovered she had breast cancer in 2009 but said she felt "very lucky" to have the support of her loved ones, even though it was one of the toughest points in her life.She revealed that Tim, a scriptwriter for rival soap Emmerdale, made her treatment feel like a "positive time".In a new interview, Sally praised her partner, who she has been married to for 27 years and shares three children with, including Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor.She said: "I was very lucky during that time of having cancer, because my husband is really strong."He would say, we're going to make this into a positive time."After chemo, we're going to go for walks, or we're going to watch this box set."We're going to enjoy the time that we have just relaxing and not worrying about anything."The actress, who has played Sally Webster in the long-running ITV soap since 1986, added: "I suppose it was the first time that I really took my foot off the pedal and gave myself time to do nothing."Which is actually much more important than doing something."We do need time to find ourselves and come to terms with things in a slow way.""We're going to enjoy the time that we have just relaxing and not worrying about anything," she told The Big Issue magazine.Sally also recalled how her daughter Harriet had called her "beautiful" as she was having her hair shaved amid chemotherapy."There's another memory," she said."I'd just found out I'd got breast cancer and Harriet was only little, five or six."She was looking at me while my hair was being shaved and she was telling me how beautiful I was and how much she loved me."And I just remember thinking, my God, this is a very special