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Inside Victoria and David Beckham's spectacular wedding 25 years later – from Spice Girl guests to those purple thrones

It was the wedding the whole world had been waiting for – and David Beckham and Victoria Adams’ big day did not disappoint. Now, 25 years on, their lavish celebration has surely gone down in celebrity folklore as the most iconic of weddings – the dress, the first public appearance of baby Brooklyn, the Spice Girl guests and yes, those thrones for the bride and groom. When the most stylish pop star of the 90s and Britain’s hottest footballer became husband and wife, it was certainly done in style.

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David Beckham’s ‘unless it’s a knighthood, f—k off’ tantrum ruined his chances of being made a ‘Sir’: book
soccer legend mounted a campaign to get an honor from the Queen which would give him the title ‘Sir’ and make his wife ‘Lady’ Victoria in the UK.However, his apparent tax avoidance and private emails – in which he branded the Honors Committee which rejected him “unappreciative c***s” – torpedoed it.Former England captain Beckham, now 49, had started doing charity work as his professional career was winding up in 2013, in a bid to get noticed by the board who issue the honors.Friends, including Olympian Lord Sebastian Coe, assured he was a “shoe in” for a knighthood – one of the highest honors in England — according to new tell-all book “The House of Beckham” by Tom Bower, which is out in the UK now and published in the US next Tuesday. His team even contrived an elaborate plan to boost his do-good image and in November of that year Beckham he volunteered to help in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan to promote a “man-of-the-people” persona and being spotted at local bars and dining out in public cafes.Even Victoria tried to downplay her celebrity by identifying publicly as an average mom, and sharing a photo of her donation to victims of Typhoon Haiyan.