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Gigi Hadid Wears Leather Like a ’90s Supermodel—Photos

. It’s a tried-and-tested outfit formula that ensures she’s comfortable as well as put together. In Brooklyn on Monday, November 21, the supermodel stuck to her failsafe combination and wore loose trousers, a hoodie, and Converse, with a roomy leather jacket thrown over the top and a brushed leather Prada Cleo bag on her shoulder.

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Queen’s nanny tried to take her own life after revealing family secrets in tell-all book
Queen as intimately growing up as her nanny — but her insiders book about life working for the royals put her on a dark, lonely path.Marion Crawford was a Scottish educator and governor to Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, when they were growing up, helping prepare them for public life after their father, King George VI, took the throne.She would teach the children French and even playing the part of hobby horse, allowing herself to be strapped up with reins and bells while carrying the future Queen around Buckingham Palace.Following her retirement, she would go on to publish a book about the princesses' young years.But the Queen Mother objected to Crawford’s insights into the royal family, including hints about the-then king’s mood swings, and froze her out.The 78-year-old was cut off from the family and died alone in a nursing home, having tried to take her own life on two separate occasions.Raised in Fife and taught in Edinburgh, Marion Crawford became a governess for the Duke and Duchess of York who would go onto become King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later known as the Queen Mother).Upon George VI’s accession to the throne in 1936, “Crawfie” became responsible for educating Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, with Politico describing her as the royal family’s “very own Mary Poppins”.Crawford was a dedicated companion of the royal family for more than 17 years, being granted a cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace as a way of thanks for her service upon her retirement in 1947.The teacher was so dedicated to the famous family that she put off getting married for 16 of those years so as not to abandon the King and Queen.But trouble began for the Scot when, in a deal brokered with
Inside Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s enduring royal romance
died peacefully in her sleep at Balmoral Castle at age 96 on Thursday — just a little over a year after her beloved husband passed on April 9, 2021.Lasting more than seven decades, the romance between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip was a love story that captivated followers for generations.The legendary pairing — which was the longest marriage in the history of the British royal family — began in 1939, when a 13-year-old Princess Elizabeth of England officially met, and was instantly charmed by, the dashing young Prince Philip of Greece.All of 18 at the time, Philip Mountbatten was preparing for a career in the Royal Navy, attending Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, England, where Elizabeth’s father King George VI had also attended.Despite the pair having met at royal events before, the third cousins — both of them shared a great-grandmother in Queen Victoria — weren’t properly introduced until young Elizabeth was touring the Naval College.According to those close to the family, it was love at first sight.Queen Elizabeth’s nanny Marion Crawford wrote in her book “The Little Princesses” that the teenager would “turn pink” whenever she saw Philip, adding she “never took her eyes off him.”Her interest in the young prince was also acknowledged by her cousin Margaret Rhodes, who wrote that the princess “was truly in love from the very beginning” in her autobiography “The Final Curtsey: A Royal Memoir by the Queen’s Cousin.”Elizabeth wasn’t the only one taken with the handsome prince. King George VI reportedly felt Philip to be “the right man for the job” of the soon-to-be queen’s consort.
Haunt'OWeen -- an Immersive Halloween-Themed Experience -- Is Back and Better Than Ever for 2022
Experiential Supply Co., an innovative experiential productions and attractions company, and Fever, a global entertainment discovery platform, announced the return, and launch on the East Coast, of their one-of-a-kind Halloween experience, Haunt'OWeen.The immersive event, which takes place over Halloween weekend, will return to California for its third year, and debut in New Jersey for the first time.Attendees can expect to revel in over 200,000 square feet of the most over-the-top, authentic Halloween environments as they enjoy face painting, rides, games, trick-or-treating, live music, character performers, pumpkin carving, dancing, photo opportunities, food and drinks, and of course, lots of candy. Standout attractions for 2022 include Dance Domes in the Beyond The Grave Rave and nine distinctive and wholly immersive worlds.«It's really exciting to see how Haunt'OWeen has been embraced in Los Angeles, and in a short time, became something the community expects each season,» Jasen Smith, Experiential Supply Founder & Chief Experience Officer, tells ET. «This year we're leveling up big time. We've increased the footprint, expanded worlds, added more rides and interactivity, and plenty of other surprises, but the favorites will still remain in trick-or-treating, pumpkin patches, and countless themed sets,» he adds. «We love re-imagining what Haunt'OWeen is, and creating fresh worlds year over year.