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How NatGeo’s ‘America the Beautiful’ Used Indigenous Musical Sounds to Enhance the Series’ Score

Jon Burlingame editorComposer Joseph Trapanese was determined to make the music for “America the Beautiful,” National Geographic’s six-part series launching July 4 on Disney+, different than that of any nature documentary to date.“Hollywood is so guilty of misappropriating culture,” Trapanese says, “tapping into a culture and throwing it around, willy-nilly.” So he determined to score the continent-spanning story of North American flora and fauna with authentic musical touches as well as a very modern mix of traditionally orchestral and more contemporary sounds.Series producer Dan Rees and executive producers Vanessa Berlowitz and Mark Linfield said they “didn’t want the typical nature documentary sound,” the composer explained. Trapanese called an old friend, Sean Carey of indie folk band Bon Iver (they had previously joined forces for a song in 2017’s “Only the Brave”), and asked him to collaborate on an opening song.

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How Bon Iver’s live sound design prioritises fan experience and “what goes into their ears”
Bon Iver‘s premium sound system providers, L-Acoustics, have spoken to NME about the future of live sound and how they worked with Justin Vernon to design an immersive experience for fans.Before the recent show at New York City’s Forrest Hills stadium as part of the ‘Bon Iver, Bon Iver’ 10-year anniversary tour, Vernon first tapped L-Acoustics in 2018 to help create a panoramic soundscape of high-resolution audio for a gig at California’s Santa Barbara Bowl.Since then, the band have continued to work with the company – using their L-ISA Hyperreal sound technology – to create a deeper, direct auditory connection with fans.“It’s the 10 year anniversary of our album release, ‘Bon Iver, Bon Iver’, but it’s also a return after quarantine and COVID lockdown,” Vernon said of focusing on sound on their current tour. “We’ve gotten to be on the ground floor of something new,” he added, noting that “it’s not just two stacks of speakers in a room anymore.”The first time the Wisconsin indie band played their nuanced tracks via the L-ISA high-resolution speaker software, their engineer came up to Vernon after the performance and told him, “That’s the best show you’ve ever played, and it has a lot to do with that sound system.”“Overall, if we were to prioritise what we’re bringing to people out there [it’s] what goes in their ears,” the Bon Iver bandleader said of the importance of their sound quality.
Meth-head 'decapitated lover while having sex and dumped his head in a bucket'
murder charges after the horribly mutilated corpse of a man was found.According to court papers, police had attended a home early in the morning of February 23 to serve a warrant after 24-year-old Taylor Schabusiness had removed her electronic monitoring bracelet.But in the basement of the home in Green Bay, Wisconsin, officers found a grisly scene including a severed human head inside a bucket.They arrested Schabusiness at the scene. She faces one count each of first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse and third-degree sexual assault.A police report says the sight that greeted officers was “grotesque”.Schabusiness told police that she and victim Shad Thyrion had been using drugs, including meth, and having sex when Thyrion was asphyxiated.She then sexually abused him, dismembered the body, and placed body parts in various locations in the home and a vehicle, according to the the criminal complaint.A police statement said: ”Schabusiness made the comment that at one point, she did get paranoid and lazy and that she thought it was the "dope" that was making her paranoid."Schabusiness has undergone two competency evaluations — one by a state expert and one by a defence expert.On May 19, the judge ruled that she is competent to assist in her defence, according to WBAY-TV.“She’s been psychiatrically hospitalised multiple times, she’s been diagnosed with bipolar and psychotic.
Dog dumped on street with bag of toys and heartbreaking letter from her owner
A dog shelter has revealed the tragic story behind a pup that was abandoned on the street with a bag of her toys.The dog, named Baby Girl, was tied to a fire hydrant in the US city of Green Bay, Wisconsin.She was rescued by the Humane Society, and the charity has made explained how Baby Girl’s former owner made the heartbreaking decision to abandon her.After reading a heartbreaking note left with the little dog, which explains that her owner felt unable to cope with the financial responsibility of looking after an animal with serious health issues, as she had to pay for medical treatment of her own, the Humane Society got the pup checked out.They discovered that she has diabetes mellitus, otherwise known as canine diabetes, which means her body has problems managing blood sugar.A Human Society spokesperson said: "It can be an expensive disease to manage, requiring a monthly purchase of insulin and potentially other medical supplies."In total, it’s possible this could cost hundreds of dollars a month, depending on your own veterinarian’s assessment and cost of supplies in your area."Explaining how the owner's decision to give up her pet was an "act of desperation", they have thanked her for reaching out for help and trying to do best by her dog.In a message to the former owner, a spokeswoman said: "First and foremost, we are so sorry you had to part with your best friend."It’s evident just how much you loved her and we can see you did your best while struggling with your own medical complications and challenges of life."We see your love in the bag you carefully packed with all of her favourite things."We see your love in the way you secured her leash so she wouldn’t get hit by a car."We see your love in the way you placed
'Crazy' Brit bloke travels 5,000 miles for Tinder date with 'bonny lass' in the US
Tinder date with a "bonny lass" who lived in the US. Paddy Campbell, 32, joined Tinder for the first time earlier this year after breaking up with his partner and was chuffed to match with Bridget Kelly, with whom he felt he had plenty in common with.He mistakenly believed that Bridget lived in Edinburgh, before quickly realising that she was from a town called New Glarus, located across the pond, namely in the US Midwest, in the state of Wisconsin.Despite the 4,700 miles separating the potential lovebirds, Bridget asked Paddy to join her at a wedding stateside, the Daily Mirror reports.The eager Scotsman readily accepted the invite and jetted across the Atlantic Ocean to meet his match.Taking to TikTok, before setting off, Paddy explained that he would fly from Glasgow to Dublin on May 16, wait 14 hours there before hopping on a flight to Chicago and then onwards to Bridget's hometown.The 32-year-old said: "I'm going to America, which is really f***ing scary because I've never been there before."Although Paddy's own mum was American, born in the state of Ohio, he admitted to feeling a bit "nervous because I don't know how these yanks are going to act, especially when they find out I work in the whisky sector."Many of Paddy's followers wished him all the very best of luck, expressing an eagerness to find out how the love story would unfold.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.One person wrote: "Good luck Paddy have the best time.
Man marks record of eating at least one McDonald's Big Mac every day for 50 years
Guinness World Record holder for eating the most Big Macs in a lifetime has reached a 50 year landmark by eating at least one of the popular McDonald's burgers every day.Donald Gorske, from Fond du Lac in Wisconsin, first obtained the record for the Most Big Mac Burgers Eaten In a Lifetime back in 1999, but now, 22 years later, he's taken his burger-eating tally to 32,340 Big Macs and counting.Gorske has eaten at least one McDonald’s Big Mac every day since 1972, with an average working out as two daily, and can even vividly remember the first time he had one – recalling how he immediately realised he’d be eating many, many more in his lifetime.“I drove straight to McDonald’s, got my first three Big Macs, then got in the car and ate them,” he told Guinness World Records.“In that moment I said ‘I’m going to probably eat these for the rest of my life’."I threw the cartons in the back of my seat, and started counting them from day one.”In the early days, he became so obsessed that he would eat up to nine burgers a day, but his routine now sees him consume an average of two each day – equating to a total of 14 per week.The McDonald’s favourite even featured in his dating life many years ago, when his now-wife Mary would sometimes bring him one as a surprise.She said: “Don Gorske did not tell me about his Big Mac obsession when we first met, I’m not sure It was quite an obsession then, he ate Big Macs every day."She added: “Sometimes I would even bring him a Big Mac, I just didn’t realise it would go on forever."Gorske takes his passion very seriously, having kept track of every single Big Mac he’s eaten since the early 1970s.He’s even kept every container and receipt, organised in boxes and pouches by year, and marks them on