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Jack Harlow addresses lackluster Thanksgiving NFL halftime show appearance: ‘I had to bring it home’
mocked for his lackluster appearance on Thursday at the Lions-Packers NFL game in Detroit across social media, with one person saying he “ruined” the turkey holiday.“On some real sh-t, the main thing that pushed me to say yes to this Thanksgiving halftime show aside from the opportunity itself, is how much family I have in Detroit and all of the times I spent growing up visiting the city,” Harlow penned on his Instagram Stories Friday.The “First Class” crooner then went on to recall a painful experience regarding his great-great grandpa and his connection to Detroit. Harlow continued: “I kid you not, my great-great grandfather had a heart attack and passed away in the stands at the Lions Thanksgiving game in the 1960s.”“I’m not even bullish-tting and you know I had to bring it home for bro,” he added.When Harlow took the stage Thursday, his singing sounded off-pitch and his backup dancers didn’t seem to be in sync with each other.Fans also came at him for his low-budget set, with someone writing on X: “This Jack Harlow set budget was like 36 dollars.”The Kentucky native kicked off his performance by emerging from a white paper tent that was meant to resemble an igloo.