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Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson to star in ABBA-inspired horror movie ‘Bjorn Of The Dead’
Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden is set to star in an ABBA-inspired horror flick, titled Bjorn Of The Dead.The news comes shortly after the iconic metal frontman announced details of his upcoming solo tour, and is set to see him take on a lead role in an apocalyptic, zombie-themed movie.According to a report by Deadline, Dickinson signed on to star in the project – which will centre on an ABBA tribute band who get trapped in a nightclub with other tribute acts just as an apocalypse starts.“Bjorn and his band must work together to save themselves, humanity, and the future of music,” it reads.The Iron Maiden frontman is one of several famous faces from the rock and metal scene to appear in Bjorn Of The Dead, according to the outlet, although no other names have been announced at the time of writing.The upcoming horror was written by the singer’s son, Austin, who is also a rock vocalist for London bands As Lions and Rise To Remain. The premise is also based on the original story by Andrew Prendergast, who is producing the movie alongside Austin.Directed by Elza Kephart, filming is set to start next year and speaking with the outlet, Austin said he was “honoured” to be working on “this crazy adventure”.“Andrew, Elza, and myself can’t wait for you guys to see what’s in store,” he said.