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Watch Vampire Weekend take on Oasis and Phoenix covers in Houston

Vampire Weekend were taking requests at their Houston show this week, leading to them attempting covers of Oasis and Phoenix – check out the footage below.The New York band were kicking off their North American tour in the Texan city on Thursday (June 6), in support of new album ‘Only God Was Above Us’.Returning for their encore, they took requests for Phoenix’s ‘1901’, Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ and Crowded House’s ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’. The performances were impromptu as they tackled songs they had never played before, and hence were left somewhat incomplete, but as you can see from the footage, both band and audience were enjoying the moment.Super fun encore at @vampireweekend’s first tour stop in Houston last night.

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Check out Vampire Weekend’s new podcast ‘Vampire Campfire’
Vampire Weekend have launched a new podcast called ‘Vampire Campfire’ today (March 7) – check it out below.The podcast, hosted by the band’s Ezra Koenig, Chris Baio and Chris Tomson,‌ comes ahead of the band releasing their fifth studio album, ‘Only God Was Above Us’, which arrives on April 5 via Columbia. You can pre-order/pre-save it here.A statement about the new podcast series says it will be “released semi-regularly for the foreseeable future” and fans who watch will be “invited behind the scenes into a longstanding and formerly private Vampire Weekend ritual: the frequent campfire chats where Baio, CT and Koenig convene to discuss and brainstorm all things Vampire Weekend – and so much more.”Fans have also been told that there will be Vampire Weekend ‘Easter Eggs’ on the podcast and they will be given “advance insights” into the band’s new album.The statement added: “[Fans] will be invited to witness…the band members reminisce about the past and discuss important matters in the present, ranging from tour openers, set lists and the potential of a future album called ‘The 40-Year-Old Email’, to such controversial topics as the dominant type of taco shell and The Real World vs Road Rules.“Future episodes will see the band delve deeper into the new album and will feature some very special guests.”‌Check out the first podcast episode here:Following on from 2019’s ‘Father Of The Bride’, Vampire Weekend’s first full-length album project in five years was recorded all over the world, from Manhattan to Los Angeles to London and Tokyo.