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Rylan Clark’s mum suspected he took drugs after seeing 'lines of white powder' in blunder

“To do with her Crohn's. V normal.Thanks for asking,” Rylan added with two kisses.Fans of the It Takes Two star soon replied to his tweet sending him and Linda their support.Sara-Lea commented: “Please give your Mum our love and best wishes. “The two of you light up our Friday nights on Celebrity Gogglebox.

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Fred Sirieix unveils 'dream 1st date' as Gogglebox debut with fiancée Fruitcake wows fans
Strictly might already be aware, and he'd love to step into the Tango scene in a city he promises readers is the sexiest in the world - Paris.The worldwide foodie, who debuted on Celebrity Gogglebox with his fiancée Fruitcake last week, much to the excitement of the Channel 4 show's fans, also cited the French capital as the perfect place to enjoy a meal."For a first date, I would go to Paris because it's the sexiest city in the world."I'd go and stroll on the Seine, maybe go and dance the Tango on the steps of the Opera House," he revealed."People dance all sorts of dances around Paris, they set up these sort of guerilla balls where anybody can go and dance."Just a week before speaking to Express.co.uk, Fred had been in the midst of the Opera House action.Oh my God, it was beautiful," he enthused, "and they were taking it so seriously"."People were just following the music and the beat and they were just well into it. It's quite something to watch!"Although Fred gained a substantial following when he took part in Strictly Come Dancing's Christmas special in 2021, he wouldn't necessarily always be keen to join in with the action.The last time he saw the Tango being performed on the streets of Paris, he was merely an observer.He is modest when the topic of his dancing skills comes up, exclaiming: "You either have it, or you don't, and I don't have it!"In fact, he admitted that the intensity of his first day of rehearsals made him physically sick, causing him to rush home from the BBC studios to vomit."It was just a hardcore training session and I had a hard, long day...
Celeb Gogglebox's Black to Front episode slammed by star Tayce 'Should all be integrated!'
Celebrity Gogglebox she partook in back in September of last year.The star explained that she didn’t agree with the ‘Black to Front’ concept the show opted for as part of a wider project across Channel 4, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.Tayce, 28, recently attended the launch of ABSOLUT’S Born to Mix fashion collaboration in London two weeks ago, where she teamed up with celebrity favourite London designer, Chet Lo, and the team from the next gen collection Institute of Digital Fashion for a cutting-edge runway show. Before Tayce took to the catwalk, however, she opened up about her time on Celebrity Gogglebox. Last year, Celebrity Gogglebox announced a brand new roster for its Black to Front episode, which included stars such as model Jourdan Dunn, EastEnders legend Rudolph Walker and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK stars Tayce and Tia Kofi.The episode came as part of Channel 4's wider Black to Front day of programming, which aimed to amplify "black talent, voices and stories", as part of an "ongoing commitment to improve Black representation on- and off-screen".However, Tayce had her own take on the Black to Front episode, as she spoke about the importance of consistent inclusivity.“It was an appreciation of POC culture and it was just amazing to see everything in one section,” she began.“If I’m being a bit controversial, though, I don’t really care about it that much because I think everything should just be spread around everywhere every single day. “There should not be a day for white people, a day for black people, a day for Asian people.“It should be all integrated, all multicultural.That’s how it should be. Day dot.