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Sophie Sandiford looks very different away from Gogglebox in snap with Pete's wife

Gogglebox star Sophie Sandiford looked world away from her on screen personality as she got rained on at Lytham festival this weekend.The Channel Four star was seen attending the music festival with her brother and co-star Pete Sandiford and his wife as well as a bunch of friends.She embraced the festival spirit in a bright green blazer, black top and jeans underneath a clear poncho to keep the rain off her. READ MORE: Celebrity Gogglebox star Stacey Solomon cringes over 'wet and gross' Love Island kissShe posted the picture to Instagram with the caption: "Sahjy and Pahjy" followed by party emojis.The comments came flooding in from fans appreciating her new look.One fan commented: "Looking really cool Sophie."Another said: " "Suits you chick."A third wrote: "FIT!" adding a fire emoji.And a fourth joked: ""Nice see through that Gucci?"Not much is known about Sophie's love life as she keeps it all under wraps but brother Pete is happily married to wife Paige and has a baby son.Pete casually confirmed his baby son's arrival while on the red carpet at the National Television Awards in September.The TV star told the Mirror at the time that he was "overwhelmed" by his new role and on being a father Pete said: "It's a bit overwhelming, got it all going on at the moment," before revealing the sex of his first child.

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Gogglebox viewers in hysterics over Pete Sandiford's 'snotty egg' comment
Gogglebox fans were caught off guard when fan favourite Pete Sandiford and his sister Sophie commented on Gordon Ramsay's new programme.Ramsay's new show, Future Food Stars, saw a group of hopefuls take up residence in the Savoy Hotel, a very lavish hotel situated in Central London.The cast were tasked with serving the hotel's elite guests breakfast from 8am.The atmosphere was tense as there were over ten tables seated and only one order ticket in the kitchen.One of the servers came over to a table and a guest gave their rather unusual request.The diner asked for their eggs "overdone" to a baffled waitress who wrote down the order on her notepad.Some of the Gogglebox cast said that the strange order would be "lost in translation" as soon as it arrived and sure enough, the chef didn't understand what was written on the note.However, an excited Pete Sandiford supported the choice and admitted that "that's how he'd like them".He branded the runny eggs as "snotty eggs" and Twitter erupted with comments.A confused viewer said: "Not snotty," with laughing face emojis.Another one tweeted out: "You've got to have a snotty egg, to dip your fried bread in," and signed off with a hungry-looking emoji.One simply tweeted: "Snotty egg," with a green-faced emoji, while another said they would "kick-off" if that's what they received on their fry up.Fans were set off again when one of the Gogglebox cast mistook calligraphy for hieroglyphics.As the server took the order to the kitchen, a confused chef looked at the ticket but couldn't figure out what she had written.The chef then scathingly called her writing "calligraphy" as she couldn't make out what had been requested.Some of the Gogglebox cast mistook the comment for "the writing on
Gogglebox's Sophie and Pete Sandiford spark frenzy with snap of rarely seen partners
Gogglebox thanks to their witty comments.Sophie has taken to Instagram today to share a picture of the siblings at a wedding along with their rarely seen partners, sparking a frenzy online.Sophie looked amazing in the wedding snap as she posed in a patterned flowy dress.While Pete looked dapper in a brown suit along with his Paige who stunned in a figure-hugging maroon dress.Sophie's partner's name is known but the gentleman looked great in black trousers and a checked blazer.She captioned the picture in view of her 561,000 followers: "Congratulations Jack and Emma."A post shared by Sophie Sandiford (@sophiesandiford1)Many social media users took to the post's comments to compliment the lovely couples.Garethedwyn said: "Cracking picture! Happy to see you happy Soph!" (sic)Maxine8989 added: "Looking beautiful Sandifords!"VickiPeck67 commented: "Wow you two! Looking great and your partners!"Not much is known about Sophie's love life, but Pete is happily married to his wife Paige Yeomans.The couple welcomed their son Jimmy in September last year.Taking to Instagram at the time, Pete, who was celebrating his 27th birthday, shared a sweet snap of his young son.He captioned the picture: "Jimmy wishing his daddy a happy birthday @paigesandiford_ @sophiesandiford."The TV star shared the news that he was going to be a dad on an episode of Gogglebox by showing sister Sophie the baby scan on his phone.Sharing his excitement, he told Sophie she was going to be an aunt and she couldn't wait to find out the gender.Pete said to his sister: "Innit mad? I am actually going to be a dad to somebody." (sic)"Crazy.
Gogglebox favourites Pete and Sophie Sandiford take swipe at Jane McDonald
Gogglebox stars Pete and Sophie Sandiford were not happy when Jane McDonald revealed she was jetting abroad again.The singer and presenter is known for her love of holidays and documenting them on various television programmes.Most recently, Jane flew out to the Caribbean as part of Holidaying With Jane McDonald, revealing that she hadn't been abroad in over two years due to the worldwide pandemic.However, this didn't go down too well with the funny siblings, with Pete saying he would rather go on holiday with his dad, Paul, who doesn't appear on the programme."She goes to the Caribbean so we don't have to," said Sophie while Pete added: "someone has to do it, haven't they?"Sophie went on to add: "I've already been through enough, I haven't been on holiday for two years and now I'm having to go with Jane McDonald.""I know, I couldn't think of owt worse, I'd rather go on holiday with dad," chimed Pete.As Jane brought her programme to a close, she thanked Barbados for having her, when Sophie commented: "Barbados is thanking you Jane for gracing them with your presence."Elsewhere on the hit Channel 4 programme, The Siddiqui family appeared to agree with the Sandiford's.Dad Sid took a swipe at Jane, saying: "It's almost like rubbing it in, isn't it? Like 'Look at me, where I am and where are you?'"While son Baasit added: "Is it raining outside? It probably is, isn't it."Moments after Jane revealed she hadn't been "away in a while", Jenny and Lee butted in, adding: "Is she taking the p**s? The other week she was on a cruise."However, viewers were quick to leap to the defence of Jane, with one saying: "I won't have Jane McDonald dissed #Gogglebox.""Everyone s****ing off Jane McDonald… Felt a bit unnecessary #gogglebox," fumed
Gogglebox fans fume 'enough' as Channel 4 show discusses Will Smith Oscars slap
Gogglebox viewers complained when they saw the Channel 4 show discuss the moment Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars.The hit telly-watching show returned with a new episode on Friday night (April 1), and it saw the cast watch shows like ITV's Starstruck, steamy Netflix period drama Bridgerton and the viral Oscars altercation between Will and Chris Rock.Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Will marched on stage to slap Rock at the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday March 27, in a moment which has since gone viral with millions of views.Rock had just made a hair joke about Will's actor wife Jada Pinkett Smith, who has a hair-loss condition called alopecia.The joke compared Jada to G.I Jane - a character with a shaved head played by Demi Moore in the 1997 film of the same name.Smith later won the award for Best Actor for his role in King Richard, and he also issued a formal apology to Rock for his behaviour.Gogglebox siblings Pete and Sophie Sandiford were among the cast members reacting to the moment.Sophie said she'd be fuming if her husband had smacked somebody as she would want to deal with the issue herself.She said: "If I was in that situation and it was my husband had gone up and done that, I'd be fuming at the husband because if I have a problem with something, I'll sort it myself."I don't need somebody to speak upon my behalf."Pete quipped: "I'd have been like 'can we just go to a break, we'll just go into the car park for a quick chat..."It seems some fans had had enough of TV shows talking about the slap though, so they rushed to Twitter to complain about the segment.One fan wrote: "Omg! Enough now about Will Smith and the Slap!"A second said: "Of course They are talking about Chris Rock and Will Smith"A third
Gogglebox's Sophie reacts as brother Pete's beloved family member takes her seat on show
Gogglebox favourite Sophie Sandiford has reacted after finding her brother's beloved family member in her seat on the Channel 4 show.Taking to Instagram, Sophie shared a sweet snap of Pete Sandiford's fluffiest family member, as he gazed up at her with adoring eyes while sitting in her chair.The brother-sister duo feature heavily on the popular Channel 4 programme and both Sophie and Pete have their own self-allocated seats which they always sit on.While Pete takes the sofa, Sophie is left to curl up in a mustard yellow armchair as they discuss the highlights of the week's TV.However, today Sophie revealed she was in for a shock as her seat had already been taken.Sharing a sweet snap of Pete's Corgi, Colin, the star told her 552,000 fans that her seat was occupied.A post shared by Sophie Sandiford (@sophiesandiford1)Sophie wrote: "A very good boy sat in auntie sophs chair," alongside a blue heart.She hadded the hashtag: "#goggleboxready."A year ago, Pete welcomed the fluffy addition to his family.In scenes which aired on the show, the star snuck out of the living room before returning with his new puppy in his arms.Excited to meet auntie Sophie, Colin made his way on to the coffee table before attempting to help himself to her beverage.After being pushed away, the pup headed straight towards Pete's mug as the duo cooed over him.Warning his sister, Pete said: "Watch his teeth.They're well sharp."After adding Colin the Corgi to his family in March 2021, Pete went on to welcome his son in September with wife, Paige.The star revealed his son's name in an adorable post on social media to mark his 27th birthday.Posing in his bathroom, Pete laughed as the picture was being taken.The TV star affectionately held his son who was
Gogglebox’s Pete shares details about meeting wife Paige who he wed in secret last May
Gogglebox’s Pete Sandiford has opened up and shared some rare details about meeting his wife Paige, who he wed last spring.Pete and his wife Paige Sandiford née Yeomans got hitched in secret last year, and didn't tell the public until the autumn – around the same time that they revealed they had welcomed their son, Jimmy.Chatting on Gogglebox, when the new series returned to our screens on Friday (February 18), Pete spoke about his wife and shared some rare details about how they met.He told his sister: "It got quite awkward actually our first date when me and Paige went."We were in a bar in London, and I bought this bloke a beer, which in London, you don’t seem to buy anyone a drink."It was like he was my best friend, he didn’t leave us alone, so he was with us for our whole date!"Paige has never appeared on Googlebox with her husband, although their son, Jimmy has appeared in his dad's arms a couple of times.Taking to Instagram in October to share the sweet photograph (seen above), Pete wrote: My Mrs and best mate what more could I ask for, don’t worry @sophiesandiford1 you are a close second best friend." 27-year-old Pete revealed the joyous news about his nuptials in September, explaining how they tied the knot in secret in May 2021.One month prior to their secret wedding, the pair announced in April that they were expecting a child together, and while on stage at the National Television Awards in September 2021, Pete shared the news that Paige had given birth.Speaking at the event he said: "It's a bit overwhelming - got it all going on at the moment!"The TV star then added: "He's a cool little lad, takes after his mum not me!"In November, on his birthday, Pete shared a snap of him holding his son and penned: "Jimmy