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Meet Amsterdam's oldest sex workers who have 'serviced more than 335,000 men'

The Guardian, Louise explained how she got into the sex industry.She said: "I was beaten on to the streets by my husband in my early 20s."He told me unless I earned money for him he would leave me, and I had children and loved him, so I had to do it."Meanwhile, Martine was giving birth to her first child when she was told her twin sister was working in the famous windows.She didn't realise Louise was struggling for money, so she offered to help.Louise added: "Later on they needed a cleaner in the brothel and Martine took the job and the men asked her for business."So we started doing threesomes, and that was how we ended up working in the same house [window brothel] together."The sisters said it was much easier being in the sex industry

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