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Mariah Carey was victim of a robbery at her $5M Atlanta mansion

shared an emotional tribute to Olivia Newton-John, was on vacation in Europe last month with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka and her 11-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, when the burglars entered her mansion in Atlanta, Georgia.The break-in was then confirmed by the authorities, revealing that it happened July 27 and detailing that there is still “an open investigation” taking place, and the “information may be limited” at the moment. Police officers did not reveal what the burglars took from the $5.65 million celebrity home, which is located in an elite suburb of Sandy Springs in Atlanta.

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Mariah Carey's bipolar struggles - Whitney Houston delusion, hospital dash and recovery
Mariah Carey has even gone on to explore other artistic careers including her impressive singing and song writing career as the starlet has stepped into the acting world and even produced her own film.From her slew of chart-topping ballads to her incredible whistling top notes, fans all over the world swarm to see the blonde bombshell perform live as she continues to sell out arenas across the globe.But what her doting fans may not be aware of is the difficult 17-year battle the 52-year-old has struggled with after she opened up about her bipolar diagnosis to People magazine in 2018.Now, more than four years after the songstress shared her condition with the world, the star has gone on to embrace her condition and continues to live a happy life with her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka and her two children.The NHS defines bipolar disorder – formerly known as manic-depressive disorder – as a mental health condition that affects your moods which can swing from one extreme to another.Without treatment, people who suffer with the condition can experience symptoms including drastic shifts in mood from manic, elated, and impulsive to depressive, unmotivated and low episodes.According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bipolar I is defined as the more severe form of the disorder in which manic episodes can last more than seven days and may require the person to be hospitalised.Bipolar II, which the songstress was diagnosed with back in 2001, is understood to be a less severe condition compared to Bipolar II.While people with the lesser condition do experience depressive and manic episodes, they are thought not to be as acute and extreme as those with Bipolar I.The starlet first learnt of the condition following her “emotional