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Horny seagulls will become crazed ‘acid heads’ - causing summer hell for Brits

seagulls will make this summer hell.Brits and holidaymakers are being warned they will be terrorised by swarms of the monster birds – high as kites after gorging on billions of flying ants.Experts say the pests could lose all inhibitions and become ‘acid heads’ as the insects contain formic acid that makes them act out of their minds.READ MORE: Extremely rare two-headed snake stuns serpent wrangler in strange discoveryA spokesman for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds warned about the looming ant plague: “Seagulls are mad for them – they are like M&Ms to them.“The gulls go wherever they are.”A spokeswoman from the Society of Biology added the ants’ formic acid can cause gulls to “appear drunk or stoned” and make them even bolder.As well as making the gulls hungry and horny, ingesting the insects is also said to make gulls increase dive-bombing attacks and refuse to fly away from the humans they leave in a flap.The phenomenon of flying ant swarms up to 50 miles wide invading the UK in hot weather has been dubbed ‘Flying Ant Day’.Their swarms have grown so large they are being spotted from space.It usually happens in July or August amid a sustained stretch of hot, still and humid weather.Infestations can be focused on seaside towns where gulls are already despised for dive bombing to snatch food and attack kids, pets and pensioners.READ NEXT: Young mum shot dead in 'execution-style' murder as she pushed pram down busy street Babysitter and cop 'sexually assaulted' 12-year-old girl and took naked photos of her Man breaks his neck after being thrown into back of police van without seatbelts Woman killed driving Uber Eats car may have 'solved her own murder' with final photo Teenage swimmers make sickening

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Woman drops from size 22 to 6 in just a year with extreme weight loss transformation
weight loss transformation after she went from a size 22 to a size 6 – in just a year.Kerri Okane decided to get a gastric sleeve to aid her in shedding the pounds and now only has 15% of her stomach left due to the procedure.The 22-year-old, who is a student nurse, was “depressed” and “overweight” at 22 stone 1lb so opted to do something about it.READ MORE: Woman enjoys gut-busting cheat meal before getting 80% of stomach removedShe has now built up a TikTok following of 73,000 who have followed her journey to health.And, people have certainly been impressed that she managed to lose 14 stone in just 12 months.In a clip that has racked up 483,000 views, Kerri has shown in a series of pictures how much she has changed since her gastric sleeve.She expressed: “If 21-year-old me could see 22-year-old me.”The student first shared a selfie from before she went under the knife – and it appeared that she had been crying.Kerri then shared a couple of snaps of herself as she leant on a kitchen counter when she had a fuller figure.But a year on, the super-slimmer looks totally different after dropping eight dress sizes.Kerri now sports a smaller figure and accentuates it by wearing more revealing clothing instead of covering it up.Get all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox. Sign up for the free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletterShe has also changed her appearance by opting for a more glam makeup look instead of rocking her bare skin and has gone for a more edgy hairstyle.In awe at the transformation, many people fled to the comments to praise Kerri for her efforts and shared that they felt ‘motivated’ by her journey.One person commented: “You give me so much motivation.”Another user added: “I was not ready for that!!
Black bear dies of extreme heat exhaustion after becoming trapped in car it broke into
bear died from heat exhaustion when it got trapped inside a car it had broken into.The lone animal in Sevierville, Tennessee found itself unable to escape after gaining entry to the vehicle and was eventually killed by the extreme temperatures inside, which may have reached 60C (140F).After leaving the car outside the rental cabin at around 10am on Thursday (June 23), the owner returned at 6:45pm to find the lifeless bear slumped over on a seat. READ MORE: Chilling attraction dedicated to 'worst bear attack' in Japan has guests creeped outIt was most likely unable to operate the door from the inside after having opened it with its teeth or paws.An official from Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wrote on Facebook: “It appears that the bear got inside the car by using its teeth or paws to open the unlocked door and was trapped inside after the door shut behind it”“We believe that heat likely killed the bear as outside temperatures exceeded 95 degrees yesterday meaning the vehicle’s interior possibly reached over 140 degrees,” The incident has prompted wildlife officials to issue a warning about not luring the creatures into accidental death traps.North American black bears have noses "7 times better than a bloodhound", they said, and can be tempted into an enclosed space by "even the faintest odour of food inside a vehicle".
Love Island Tasha and Andrew split 'sealed' as they're called 'like brother and sister'
Love Island stars Andrew and Tasha's relationship has been called 'flat' after the duo has hit a rocky patch in the villa.They may have been one of the strongest couples in the villa but after bombshell Charlie entered last week, thing's haven't been smooth sailing for them both.Although they've both not strayed from one another, Tasha admitted she'd be open to getting to know the new arrival after he took her on a date.READ NEXT: Love Island Danica's hottest snaps - braless displays, lingerie and sexy cowgirl The same night, it was announced there would be a recoupling with Andrew convinced the newest bombshell would pick his partner Tasha.It quickly became clear to the other boys how much he liked the professional dancer but they quickly questioned if his feelings were equally reciprocated.Despite getting on during their date, Charlie opted to re-couple with Ekin-Su leaving Andrew to once again pick Tasha.However, when he was making his speech, some of the other boys were less than impressed with his decision as they shook their heads in disappointment.This didn't go unnoticed by Tasha who stormed off in tears calling their behaviour 'rude'.When discussing the villa's antics on the Love Island: The Morning After podcast, former winner Kem Cetinay said people are keeping their options a little 'too open' and understood why Andrew was annoyed.He said: "They've got to the point now where they're starting to like each other and then it's like 'yeah I'm going to keep my options open'.
Shark-feasting megalodon remains fiercest sea monster ever with gigantic teeth
megalodon is the deadliest shark to have ever lived, according to a new scientific study.Megatooth sharks which includes the fearsome megalodon, have long been considered prehistoric rulers of the world's oceans but research into their gnashers claims to confirm it.Examining thousands of shark teeth has proven the megalodon was the ultimate apex predator, surpassing all else on record as it feasted on other predators.READ MORE: Clueless paddle boarder stalked by shark in nerve-wracking drone footageThe scientists says material found on their giant teeth earned them the highest “trophic level”, otherwise known as top of its food chain as can be possible. Study first author Dr Emma Kast, also addresses fears and conspiracy theories that the extinct apex predator is still alive and preying on the likes of great white sharks.The report 'Cenozoic megatooth sharks occupied extremely high trophic positions' was published in the journal Science Advances, on Wednesday (June 22) and has excited fans of the phenomenal sea monster.Research from scientists such as those from Princeton University, proved that being the biggest creature lurking underwater really did mean in the megalodon's case, being top dog in the food chain.Dr Emma said in a statement: “Megalodon and the other megatooth sharks were genuinely enormous carnivores that ate other predators, and Meg went extinct only a few million years ago.”As with a third of all large marine animals, the megalodon died out 3.6 million years ago by the end of the Pliocene, when the planet entered a phase of global cooling.