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Attendance Allowance claim form top tips which could help older people get up to £92 each week

Attendance Allowance is a benefit delivered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for people of State Pension age who need help with personal care or supervision because of an illness, disability or mental health condition. Successful claimants will receive either £81.85 or £92.40 each week depending on the level of care they need because of their health condition, which is paid every four weeks and works out at £247.40 and £369.560 respectively.

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Two dead after hot air balloon suffers mishap and crashes into ground as pilot arrested
tourists have died after a hot air balloon mishap that saw the vehicle crash into the ground, with the pilot subsequently arrested.Three others were injured in the crash of the hot air balloon carrying 28 tourists in Cappadocia, Turkey, where two Spanish tourists died after the tragic accident.A pilot has since been arrested following the crash, which took place on October 18 at 8.50am after an "unexpected" increase in wind strength and a seemingly botched emergency landing.READ MORE: Panicked Brits could be faced with turkey shortage this Christmas due to food strikeTwo women are said to have died aboard the hot air balloon when the basket hit the ground following the emergency landing near Kavak.Turkish media officials named the pair as Maria Cristina Baltrons, 62, and Dolors Masana, 64.Three other people on board the hot air balloon were injured in the emergency landing, with paramedics responding to the scene and treating them following the crash.Those three people were named as Maria Mercedes Riera Enrich, 55, Josefa Franco Gil, 68, and Lourdes Betran Sole, 62.Gil was taken to Special Versa Hospital and is said to be in intensive care following the hot air balloon accident, which saw pilot Moustafa Mohamed Amin Khelidy arrested.Neveshir province governor, Inci Sezer Becelhe said: "During the landing of the balloon, which was carrying 28 passengers and two crew members, two Spanish nationals lost their lives, while three Spanish citizens were injured."The treatment of those injured is continuing in hospitals in our city and they are not life-threatening."Within said statement, Becelhe stated that the accident had been caused by an unexpected increase in winds, initial assessments have shown.
Bloke who listed house on Google as Moldovan embassy gets diplomats ringing doorbell
Embassy on Google Maps for a laugh said diplomats have been turning up at his door.Hughie Shepherd-Cross, 24, lives in Fulham, London, and put the details of his address on the site trying to make it as convincing as possible.He even put up a gold plaque to take the gag one step further and for good measure even included his phone number to the entry and got pals to leave ratings.READ MORE: EXCLUSIVE 'Frightened' Putin 'getting closer to launching nuclear strike' warns ex-RAF chiefAfter a little while, people in need of aid from the real Moldovan Embassy began to call him up.Then, two diplomates turned up at his door.Hughie said: “I received multiple phone calls from confused Moldovan citizens from where I’d listed my number online to make the address look more real.“When the two foreign diplomats knocked on my front door, me and my housemates were in jeans and t-shirts and had no idea who they were.“They must have been so confused seeing [us] standing in front of them, and because of the language barrier, we couldn’t answer any of their questions.Despite the real Moldovan Embassy being just down the road from Fulham in Chiswick, Hughie has still apologised for any “geopolitical confusion” he might have caused.He added: “I’m very sorry for any geopolitical confusion I caused, it was meant to be a harmless joke and I didn’t mean to offend the people of Moldova.“The High Commission for Grenada is at the end of my road, so I decided to get a plaque made saying Embassy of Moldova for a joke.“I stuck it on with screws outside my house, and made a fake address – but for months nothing happened, and I pretty much forgot it was even there.”He’s since taken it down, and for good measure too, because: “There have been reports of