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Peacock Reveals Remaining 2022 Series Premiere Dates, Including ‘Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin’ Starring Adam Devine and Sarah Hyland
Sasha Urban editorPeacock announced on Wednesday the premiere dates for its scripted originals for the rest of the year, including Matthew Fox’s “Last Light,” “Vampire Academy,” the “Pitch Perfect” spinoff series “Bumper in Berlin” and the TV adaptation of “The Best Man.”Original series set to premiere in July (and have been previously announced) include six-part drama thriller “Trigger Point” from Jed Mercurio’s HTM Television on July 8, starring Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester; “Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem,” a spin-off of the legendary NBC soap that stars cast members Kristian Alfonso, Peter Reckell and Eileen Davidson on July 11; and comedic thriller series “The Resort” with William Jackson Harper and Cristin Milioti, from writer and executive producer Andy Siara premieres on July 28. In August, Peacock will premiere “The Undeclared War,” a series from BAFTA winner Peter Kominsky that tracks a team of analysts at GCHQ as they combat cyber warfare and premieres on Aug. 18, as well as “Everything I Know About Love,” based on Dolly Alderton’s bestselling memoir, which premieres on Aug.
Marilyn Monroe heartbreak after admitting Arthur Miller marriage 'first time I'm in love'
Miller confided in her that he was deeply unhappy in his marriage, and told her to expect his return.It would take four years before the pair would be reunited when Monroe moved to New York City to study. Between their meetings Monroe had gotten married and divorced from second husband Joe DiMaggio, but Miller was still married.This did not stop the duo from embarking on an affair although they did attempt secrecy in the beginning before Monroe’s career skyrocketed which saw the press paying closer attention to her. In 1956, the reluctant Miller embarked on the process of getting a divorce and submitted a passport application so that he could join Monroe who was due to film in England. Instead of receiving a passport, Miller was brought to the House of Un-American Activities Committee to testify about his ties to communism. While he was not a member of the Communist Party, he had gone to affiliated meetings in the Forties. Miller was also the author of the highly controversial play The Crucible released in 1953, which used theatrical symbolism to compare the search for Communists in America to the Salem Witch Trials.All of this negative publicity was seen as potential career suicide for Monroe who was just starting to gain proper traction. She was advised to distance herself from him but remained loyal, swaying her adoring public in Miller’s favour as well.The pair got married in 1956 and swiftly headed to England once Miller got his passport, and Monroe was quoted as saying: "This is the first time I’ve been really in love."However, this euphoria would not last for the starlett as she found notes Miller had written concerning her and their marriage, explaining his disappointment and second guessing. This proved not
Neighbours Rodwells' real lives - glam snaps, diabetes and behind-the-scenes role
Neighbours' Rodwell Family have caused quite a stir since their arrival in Erinsborough as they make waves in the neighbourhood.The arrival of police sergeant Andrew Rodwell and his wife Wendy and daughter Sadie has already had some devastating consequences for other residents of Ramsay Street.The fire Sadie helped to start at Erinsborough High has had tragic consequences for Hendrix who has developed the crippling autoimmune disease Sarcoidosis as a result and now needs a lung transplant.He now has to deal with the Rodwells moving in next door to him and being a constant reminder of the battle he faces.In real life, the actors behind the family keep things a little calmer than their on-screen counterparts have managed of late.Starring as the father figure of the family Lloyd Will is actually the second actor to take on the role of Andrew, who was previously briefly played by David Lamb in 2018 and 2019.Lloyd then took over in 2021 and set about bringing the police hero to life as he headed towards moving his family into Ramsay Street.In his personal life, Lloyd remains pretty private shying away from social media and the limelight.Alongside his blossoming acting career, he has worked behind the scenes as a camera operator while taking on smaller roles in several hit TV series including BeatMaster, Salem's Lot and Rush.Wendy's busy mum role has been brought to life perfectly by actress Candice Leask as she navigates the task of fitting into a new neighbourhood.In real life, Candice is a self-confessed cat lover who is mum to her tabby Ernesto, and an advocate for Eating Disorder Recovery.The star also suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and regularly shares updates from her life with her fans on Instagram.She tries to encourage