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‘Rick And Morty’ just parodied this classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie
Rick And Morty has parodied classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall in its latest episode.The animated sci-fi sitcom is currently midway through its seventh season, with the latest adventure Wet Kuat Amortican Summer airing last night (November 26).In the episode, Summer and Morty become accidentally fused together thanks to an ‘attribute slider’, with Morty protruding out of her stomach and becoming a “Kuato”.The name is a reference to 1990’s Total Recall, in which the leader of the Martian rebels is revealed to be a mutant growing out of his brother’s stomach called Kuato.In the Rick And Morty episode, Summer visits a nightclub for Kuatos and their hosts, though this is revealed to be a trap as the owner is harvesting Kuatos and murdering their hosts – and in a twist referring to Total Recall, the owner’s own Kuato is revealed to be behind the plan.It comes after the show referenced another Schwarzenegger film in the season seven premiere with an appearance by Predator, while the episode also featured a cameo appearance from Hugh Jackman, who played a fictional version of himself.Season seven has had a change-up, with Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden taking over the voices of Rick and Morty after the exit of original voice actor Justin Roiland, who was dismissed following domestic violence allegations.