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Harrison Ford left Star Wars script in a London flat – now it’s been sold for thousands
Star Wars script Harrison Ford left in a London flat sold for thousands last week.The actor rented the flat in 1976 while filming Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope and when he moved out, he accidentally left a draft of the film’s script.A description of the item from the auction read: “A revised fourth draft of STAR WARS EPISODE 1: A NEW HOPE – originally titled here as The Adventures of Luke Star Killer as taken from the ‘Journal of the Whills’ by George Lucas (Saga I) STAR WARS (March 15, 1976).”On the items provenance, the description added: “This item came from the home of a family in which Harrison Ford stayed during the filming of Star Wars throughout 1976 and is likely his own copy that was left behind along with other items.“Includes the scene where we first meet Chewbaca in the cantina and where Han Solo introduces the crew to the Milennium Falcon, among many other famous scenes and lines of dialogue including ‘Boring conversation anyway.'”Last weekend (February 18), the script sold for £10,795 following via Excalibur Auctions to an unnamed collector.The auction house went on to add more information about the owners of the flat in the description of the item, writing: “…The vendor recollects that in 1976 she had an advertisement in The Sunday Times “Flat to Let”. She and her husband were looking for a lodger in their home.