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Black love with Tolu and Yemi Ogunmefun on eight-year wait for marriage: ‘When the time is right it will happen’
supports HTML5 videoIt might be impossible to find a couple who smile and laugh as much as Tolu and Yemi Ogunmefun do and it might just be what keeps the spark alive. From the minute they arrived at’s studio – Yemi with a cheerful pep in her step and Tolu with an easy, laidback stride – their chemistry with each other and warm vibe towards others was infectious. Their obvious love for each other feels so fresh that you’d be forgiven for thinking they are in the throes of a new relationship. However, that couldn’t be further from the case. Many will be familiar with Tolu from his Nigerian comedy character Don’t Jealous Me, who shot to fame in 2008 with hilariously relatable sketches, the kind that invoked stomach-aching laughs. He’s since gone on to enjoy success as a musician and actor with roles in BBC comedy series Man Like Mobeen, 2018 crime drama Yardie starring Idris Elba and, more recently, this year’s See How They Run alongside Ruth Wilson, Saoirse Ronan and David Oyelowo. However, underneath the exterior of his quick-witted comedy alter-ego and on-screen characters, Tolu’s just a big softie – your everyday husband and father-of-one. He’s been married to Yemi, his co-host on The YT Podcast, since 2016, but they were together for years before that going back to their college days. ‘I saw her at the bus stop and said this babe is fire,’ Tolu recalled with the memory etched on his face. Yemi – quite hilariously – had a slightly different anecdote from their first meeting, and revealed: ‘The first thing Tolu said to me was “is your hair weave?” That was Tolu’s first chat-up line.