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Neighbours' Angry Anderson now - 35 years since song for Scott and Charlene's wedding

They're called flashbulb memories.Those events in history where you can remember exactly what you were doing at the time they happened. From the election of President Obama to the announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic and even Take That splitting up – all belong to a part of psychology where personal memories of significant events are somehow imprinted in our brains in a different way to everyday ones.

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Emmerdale Cathy star’s life off screen from real age to co-star brother
After a brief absence from Emmerdale, Cathy Hope recently returned to our screens in the wake of her debilitating mental health battle with premenstrual dysphoric disorder.The youngster had been battling heavy periods and severe mood swings for a number of weeks and left the village to go and stay with her half-brother Scott Windsor in the hopes that a break would help her to get a better handle on her condition. Since her return, a tearful Cathy has opened up to her dad’s partner Wendy and explained how she is still struggling to live with the devastating condition, with emotionally taxing scenes having broken the hearts of many fans tuning in.Thankfully however, despite Cathy’s on-screen struggles, Garbielle Dowling, the talented teen that plays her, has a far less stressful life away from the cameras! Co-star brother First making her debut alongside her real life brother, Sebastian in 2007, the pair have been firm fixtures of Emmerdale for over 16 years! Now aged 17, Gabrielle has been propelled into the limelight as part of the exciting PMDD storyline, but with the real-life twins having been staples of the show for so long, it may surprise viewers to know that the pair weren’t the first stars to originate the roles of Bob Hope’s children.The twins were originally played by Ella Whitehouse Downes and Lilith Kitching for the first few episodes following their introduction, as Sebastian had to remain in hospital for an extra week following his birth.