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Mediawan Rights Boards Dutch Thriller ‘Golden Hour’ About Terrorist Attack Aftermath (EXCLUSIVE)

Elsa Keslassy International CorrespondentMediawan Rights, the commercial branch of the pan-European production-distribution group Mediawan, has boarded international sales to “Golden Hour,” a thriller set in the aftermath of a terror attack in Amsterdam. The six-part series was written by Simon de Waal (“Lek”) and directed by Bobby Boermans (“Mocro Maffia”).The show unfolds during the crucial hour that follows a terrorist attack in Hollande and follows Mardik, a tough but sympathetic Dutch detective of Afghan descent.

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Peter Andre reveals Brenda Edwards prompted him to talk about drugs with his kids
Peter Andre has revealed that Brenda Edwards' statement about her son Jamal's death has encouraged him to talk about drugs with his children Junior and Princess.The dad-of-four said the conversation with them was "really productive".Loose Women panellist Brenda, 53, released the statement last week, confirming that Jamal, who died in February, passed away from cardiac arrhythmia after taking recreational drugs.He was 31 at the time of his death.Writing in new! magazine, Peter, 49, said: "It was so brave of Brenda Edwards to reveal that her son Jamal Edwards died from cardiac arrhythmia after he took recreational drugs."She said in a statement that Jamal’s passing shows that one bad decision can have 'devastating consequences' and she hopes this will encourage others to 'think differently'."Peter also said that it was every parent's "worst nightmare" and praised Brenda for sharing the news.He added: "I’m so sorry that Brenda and her family are going through this, but I also want to thank her because thanks to her I was able to have a really productive conversation with my kids about this incident and especially about recreational drugs."I have met Jamal and when Princess heard about how he died she was asking me about what recreational drugs are."I explained to both her and Junior how something you think you’re doing for fun can have really huge consequences and you don’t know how your body will react to these substances."Peter has recently appeared on Loose Women with Brenda.He ended his column by saying: "I’m sending her all my love in this terribly sad situation."Brenda's statement about Jamal's passing said: "It’s so important to me that I do address it as no mother or any loved one should have to go through what
Orangutan grabs and almost breaks bloke's leg through cage in terrifying zoo attack
orangutan grabbed and almost broke his leg.The huge primate locked onto the lad's leg and refused to let go, yanking at the man who was trying to escape the clutches of the giant orange ape.Local man Hasan Arifin is said to have gotten a little too close to the cage at the Kasang Kulim Zoo in Riau, Indonesia, with an orangutan named Tina taking their chances and latching onto his leg.The man is said to have ignored a nearby warning sign that said not to get too close.Local media reported that the bloke had climbed over a barrier that separated visitors from primates, climbing close to the animal and over the cement fence that separated them.The zoo's manager believes Arifin has kicked the Tina the orangutan, who he says is usually docile.Kasang Kulim Zoo manager Desrizal said: "What happened on Monday afternoon, the visitor jumped into the guardrail of the orangutan cage to take a video without the officer's permission."The visitor has violated the rules by jumping over the guardrail and kicking the orangutan."His rule-breaking led to some terrifying consequences as Tina the orangutan latched onto the bloke through the cage, holding onto his shirt and refusing to let go as the bloke tried to pull away. The orangutan then went for the man's leg, getting a two-handed grip on Arifin and refusing to let go, eventually turning the leg 90 degrees as Arifin turned his body to avoid a break.
Teenager killed after jumping in front of moving truck for sick new internet trend
TikTok performing the deadly stunts that have had dire consequences for some of the people involved.An 18-year-old was killed instantly in Tangerang, Banten, when he and two friends leaped in front of a heavy lorry in an apparent attempt to halt the juggernaut.His pals managed to avoid the vehicle and thus injuring themselves, but he wasn’t so lucky as he collided with the truck and rolled under the lorry and was crushed to death.The driver was detained for questioning.Meanwhile in Bandung, West Java, a 14-year-old fractured his skull and shattered his teeth after being struck by an HGV as he and a friend attempted to perform the same caper as the Tangering trio.Local police are now looking for the truck driver, who has gone AWOL presumably out of fear of criminal charges. Ironically, he could have avoided prosecution had he complied with the police investigation, but may well face hit-and-run charges.The truck “challenge,” so to speak, is not exactly a new social media trend, particularly at the two locations.Police say locals have been trying to stop the teenagers from stupidly risking their lives, but their pleas have mostly fallen on deaf ears.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here. Those attempting the challenge are only considered to have succeeded if a) the person jumps in front of a moving truck and, b) it comes to a stop before hitting the person.The antics have been widely condemned, with one person writing on Twitter: “In previous years there have also been incidents like this, and they did that for TikTok content.“Some information about similar incidents can still be found easily on websites or news channels on the Internet.
New car scam involves wing mirrors as police warn to avoid hefty consequences
money.It comes as a driver of a Range Rover was reportedly hit by scammers in the Pensarn area of Conwy at the end of last month.The scam involves a person standing nearby an approaching car and attempting to strike the wing mirror with an object.This could be a stick or anything else which can cause damage to a car's wing mirror.Scammers pressure the driver into believing that they struck the fraudster's car then demand money for repairs on the spot.A North Wales Police spokesperson said: "The victim will be driving along and then hear a bang on the passenger side of their car."A car will follow behind, get them to pull over, then claim the victim just struck his driver's door mirror and demand cash for repairs."What actually happens is that the scammer is parked at the roadside and will deliberately strike the victim's car as it passes. "The damaged mirror is fake and wasn't caused by the victim."Police said that anyone with information about the Pensarn incident should come forward.They can do so by calling 101 and quoting the reference code B078072.Car door mirrors have become much more advanced in recent years which means they can cost much more to replace.In the most extreme cases, some cars now have cameras instead of glass to enable the driver to see behind.And cameras can cost thousands to replace if they are struck by another car.Meanwhile this is the latest in long list of scams that drivers must be wary of.