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Lana Del Rey on Glastonbury curfew: “I didn’t know they actually turned the lights off!”

Lana Del Rey has reflected on being cut off at Glastonbury earlier this year, suggesting she wasn’t aware the consequences would be quite so severe if she started late.Del Rey’s performance, in which she headlined The Other Stage, was abruptly cut short after she came on stage 30 minutes late and ran beyond the site’s strict curfew. Organisers cut off her microphone and switched off the screens while she was midway through performing ‘White Mustang’, which was met by booing from the crowd.Del Rey then lead the crowd in an acapella singalong of ‘Video Games’ and walked into the crowd as they continued to sing and hugged and took photos with fans.Now, Del Rey has spoken more about the incident in a new interview with the Sunday Times, which she admitted that she was still frustrated by almost six months on.“I’ve heard of curfews before,” she said.

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