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BBC Strictly's Will Mellor reveals tactic to win dance show after topping leaderboard

Snake-hipped Will Mellor has revealed his tactic to win the BBC dance show after topping the leaderboard in the first week. The Coronation Street heart-throb, who played villain Harvey Gaskell in the soap, wowed viewers and judges with his sensational moves as he wiggled his way across the dancefloor on Saturday night.

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Corrie actor Rick Carr 'spooked by ghosts' during footage inside dungeon hotel room
Coronation Street star Rick Carr has been spooked out while staying inside a dungeon hotel room.The former soap star, who played Robbie on the ITV show, was allocated a spooky room during his mate's stag do this week.Rick's Corrie character was a member of Harvey Gaskell's drugs gang and starred on the soap last year.The TV star, 32, arrived at Plane Castle in Stirling and shared a sneak peek of his accommodation with his social media followers.The actor recorded a clip that showed him walking away from the living room towards a door leading down a narrow set of steps to his eerie bedroom.In the footage, Rick then opens the door showing a room filled with old sofas and a tiny single bed in the middle.A white sheet could also be seen laying across the bed which was overlooked by strange-looking artwork.The camera then shows a painting of a woman with Rick saying that he was worried that a "ghost" may approach him during the night.The Manchester-based star posted the video on Twitter on Tuesday (March 15) and wrote: “This is how I get to my room, completely secluded on the other side of the castle from absolute (sic) everyone. Fantastic.”The video has received more than 82,000 views as fans reacted in masses to the incredibly creepy clip.One fan said: “The door's got a lovely authentic Hammer Horror sounding creak to it.”Another commented: “Jesus Christ, no.”While a third penned: “Christ.