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The Department of Time’s’ Onza Touts ‘Sattva,’ a Political Drama Series with Luis Gamboa, Ruben Sanz (EXCLUSIVE)

Anna Marie de la Fuente In its continued bid to create more premium content for the Latin American market under its Onza Americas banner, Madrid-based Onza Entertainment – behind such hit series as “The Department of Time” and a collaborator on Dopamine’s historical drama “Hernan” – is developing political drama series “Sattva.” Created by Spanish actor Ruben Sanz (“El Dragon”) and written by Int’l Emmy-nominated Luis Gamboa (“Promesas de Campaña”), the series is conceived as a transatlantic production between Mexico and Spain. Onza is presenting “Saatva” at Iberseries & Platino Industria’s new Co-Production & Financing Forum on Sept. 28.

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‘The Enforcer’ Review: Antonio Banderas Plays a Hitman-Turned-Hero in This Routine Crime Meller
Dennis Harvey Film Critic “Tough guy with heart of gold” is the cliché that provides the gist to “The Enforcer,” and nothing much turns up to refresh or complicate that hoary hook. This criminal-underworld thriller benefits from Antonio Banderas’ star charisma as a veteran mob strong-arm who turns against his own organization in order to rescue an imperiled teen. Richard Hughes’ feature directorial debut also elevates matters somewhat with a slick and stylish presentation. But the results remain too hogtied by original “Point Break” scribe W. Peter Iliff’s routine, elemental screenplay to rise above the level of disposable genre fodder.  Cuda (Banderas) is just out of prison, having dutifully taken the heat for deeds done in service to Miami syndicate boss Estelle (Kate Bosworth). He hopes to restore relations with his 15-year-old daughter, but she’s wary after his long absence, his ex-wife outright hostile. Perhaps as a regretful result, he takes a fatherly interest in Billie (Zolee Griggs), a foster-home runaway who’s also 15. He prevents her getting in trouble for shoplifting, securing a motel room so she’ll be off the streets he’s all too aware are unsafe. Yet Billie is soon abducted from that short-term haven, presumably by sex traffickers, and it doesn’t take Cuda long to figure out that the perps are very likely tied to his own employer.
Liverpool fans spot Harvey Elliott's brilliant pass to Mo Salah for pre-assist
Darwin Nunez will be the talk of the town in Liverpool tonight after netting against Fulham but Harvey Elliott's role in the build-up to the goal hasn't gone unnoticed either.The 19-year-old played a gorgeous first-time, round-the-corner pass to put Mo Salah through seconds before the Egyptian picked out Nunez in the six-yard area for his first Premier League goal, and fans on social media were keen to recognise the youngster's impact."The touch by Harvey Elliott to open up the field and play Salah in so that he can set up Nunez was sensational," one Liverpool fan tweeted.READ MORE: 4 things Jurgen Klopp got wrong as Liverpool stumble to 2-2 draw against Fulham"Don’t overlook Harvey Elliott in that goal," another commented, while a third wrote: "That first-time pass by Harvey Elliott to Mo Salah is a thing of beauty."One supporter even suggested that Elliott deserved to start in front of captain Jordan Henderson: "Harvey Elliott contributes straight away, I am not kidding when I say Henderson should never start RCM again if Elliott is available."Elliott became the youngest player ever to start a game for Liverpool back in 2019, mere weeks after joining the club from Saturday's opponents Fulham for an undisclosed fee.Should Harvey Elliott start for Liverpool? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.He spent the following season on loan at Championship side Blackburn before making 11 appearances for Jurgen Klopp's side across the 2021/22 campaign - and probably would've made more had he not needed ankle surgery.Fulham's Aleksandar Mitrovic put the hosts ahead on Saturday before Nunez's neat flick brought Liverpool level.