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Brut., Paradiso Media Team on Podcast Series ‘Brutally Informed’ for Audible’s Non-Fiction Slate (EXCLUSIVE)

Elsa Keslassy International Correspondent Cannes Festival’s digital media partner Brut. and leading podcast studio Paradiso Media are launching “Brutally Informed,” a weekly podcast series that just launched exclusively on Audible. The program is part of Audible’s expanding news and non-fiction slate. Hosted by journalists Jared Marcelle, Rheya Spigner, and Noah Jones, “Brutally Informed” aims at delivering insights on issues spanning current affairs, culture, and societal issues with topics ranging from polyamory to the Colorado River to counterfeit sneakers. Each 15-minute episode boasts original interviews and investigative reporting. The audio show is produced by Alex Schuman, with Paradiso Media’s Yael Even Or serving as supervising producer. Executive Producers are Ann Heppermann for Audible, Carly Figueroa for Brut, and Emi Norris for Paradiso.

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DeSantis Kicks Off Presidential Campaign Tour With Claim Teachers Are ‘Forcing’ Students to Pick Pronouns
READ MORE: ‘Will Make a Great Trial Witness’: Experts Thrilled Jack Smith Is Investigating Trump’s Firing of Election Security ExpertWhile DeSantis is insistent that teachers are forcing very young students to pick pronouns, NCRM found no news reports supporting that claim.We did find several news reports of teachers suing for not wanting to use a child’s preferred pronoun, which are issues for the courts.We did find one report of a teacher who allegedly insisted on calling a 9-year old girl who identifies as a girl a boy, and the parents are suing.News12 on Long Island, New York in March reported, “the lawyer representing the girl’s family…says the student was bullied and had suicidal feelings.”“She says the teacher told the student to ‘try being gay.’ The teacher is also accused of calling the girl a male name. ‘The teacher had some kind of agenda to have these students have alternate sexual preferences or gender identities they may or may not have had,'” the attorney said.READ MORE: ‘It Has to Be Done’: These Are the House Republicans Open to Firing Kevin McCarthy as SpeakerIn April, Colorado’s KRDO reported, “During the last Colorado Springs School District 11’s board meeting, officials tabled a controversial pronoun policy that would prevent educators from asking students their preferred pronouns.
Watch The Sisters Of Mercy kick off their first US tour in 15 years
The Sisters Of Mercy kicked off their first UK tour in 15 years this week (May 10).The band played to a sold-out audience at The Fillmore Silver Springs in Washington D.C., and delivered a 23-song set that included 10 previously unreleased tracks.The band opened with new song ‘Don’t Drive On Ice’ before playing some of their classics like ‘Lucretia My Reflection’, ‘Temple Of Love’, ‘More’ and ‘Dominion’.Check out some videos of the performance here, along with the show’s set list:The Sisters of Mercy Washington Setlist:‘Don’t Drive On Ice’ ‘Ribbons’‘Crash And Burn’‘Alice’‘I Will Call You’‘First And Last And Always’‘But Genevieve’‘Dominion’‘Giving Ground’‘Marian’‘More’‘Show Me’‘Doctor Jeep/Detonation Boulevard’‘Eyes Of Caligula’‘Something Fast’‘I Was Wrong’‘Here’‘Instrumental 86’‘On The Beach’‘When I’m On Fire’Encore:‘Lucretia My Reflection’‘Temple Of Love’‘This Corrosion’The 19 date tour continued this weekend with an appearance at Sick World Festival in Las Vegas. The band will then head to the West and East Coasts before finishing up in Denver, Colorado on June 9.The band will also perform in the UK this winter.