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Eamonn Holmes vows to enjoy walking dog 'pain-free' as he details 'awful' back issues

Eamonn Holmes reveals he plans to enjoy dog walking “pain-free” as he opens up about his “horrible” back issues. The former This Morning presenter, 62, has spoken out about he is suffering with chronic leg and back pain but it’s his rescue dog Maggie that keeps him determined to beat the condition so he can walk her again. “She’s sitting here beside me as my goal.

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Expert spills on sex furniture and how it can seriously spice up your love life
sex life may think their house is full of sex furniture already - and they wouldn't be wrong.After all you can have some pretty intense moments of passion on the bed, sofa, up against the wall - anywhere you fancy really, as long as it's in the comfort of your own home.But, for those looking to take things up a notch, there are now actually pieces of furniture on the market that can help you get a little more creative in the bedroom.If you're looking for different ways to have sex - without having to sacrifice your sofa or your dining table - there is such a thing as sex furniture that is made purely for enjoying a bit of kinky time.Casey Tanner, Certified Sex Therapist and sexpert for LELO, told Inside Hook: "Sex furniture is furniture or props that are specially designed to be used for sexual and erotic activities."Tanner says the pieces are usually designed to help with a couple's positioning during intercourse, and the furniture should work to heighten both pleasure and comfort.The furniture can include anything from small props like wedges or sex pillows to larger pieces of furniture that will take up quite a bit of room. It's reported that one of the most renowned brands in the sex furniture department is Liberator - it sells items such as chic chaise lounges that are inspired by ergonomic sex that come complete with washable covers.Even though you would probably stay away from putting the furniture on show in your living room, some of it does look rather funky and could blend in with a modern, retro theme quite well.
Scientists set up 'alien telescope' to listen to messages sent to Earth from outer space
Scientists have set up an “alien telescope” that focuses purely on sounds coming to Earth from outer space.Researchers at the National Radio Quiet Zone in West Virginia – one of the quietest places on the planet, where mobile phones don’t work and WiFi is scarce – are hoping to pick up messages from extra-terrestrial beings.A huge receiver that is 100 metres wide and fully steerable turns radio waves from space into electric signals that boffins then analyse.Dr Ethan Siegel, a theoretical astrophysicist working on the project, said aliens could be trying to send us messages from deep space.He told FreeThink: “If someone is actively speaking to us from across the universe, if we didn’t listen because we didn’t find it easily the first time, how much would we be short-changing ourselves through our own short sightedness?“If we discover we're not alone in the universe it will change forever how we view life on earth… (but) the way we’re going to find it is not through grainy footage or pixels we can’t make out.”Although there have been plenty of supposed UFOs caught on camera, researchers can’t find out much from the footage as it is often blurry and could have easily been edited.Stay up to date with all the Daily Star's latest news by signing up to one of our free newsletters here.But the new project to listen to outer space could prove the key to having definitive proof of life outside of planet Earth.Ryan Lynch, a scientist at the Green Bank Observatory, added: “The radio signals we’re trying to pick up from space are extremely weak.“It’s like casting a net – the bigger the receiver dish, the bigger the net and the weaker the signals we can pick up.” It comes as governments around the world start to take UFO sightings