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‘No positive outcome' The Tourist's Jamie Dornan on Brexit fears for Northern Ireland

London and Brussels had been engaged in a protracted meeting in the hopes of coming to a compromise to alleviate trading difficulties in Northern Ireland. Supply chains to the country from the rest of the UK were hindered post-Brexit by strict EU rules at the Northern Irish border, which Brussels mandated.“I think they should all be seriously considered,” Jamie added."But who knows where we will end up?” That same year, Jamie appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show, where he laughed off claims he and his Fifty Shades co-star Dakota Johnson had children together. While it’s unclear where the rumour stemmed from, Jamie used the ITV show to set the record straight. “There’s a lot of absurd fan theories about that world and those characters and that Dakota Johnson and I have children together,” he explained.“I don’t know where we keep them. “I’ve got three of my own kids to worry about.”While Jamie is arguably most famous for his role as Christian Grey in the popular Fifty Shades franchise, the father-of-two has also helmed a series of TV shows over the years.He most recently fronted his own six-part BBC show, The Tourist, which premiered earlier this month. Much of the show was filmed in South Australia, where Jamie’s unnamed character regains consciousness after being driven off the road by a truck.Speaking about the show to Metro earlier this month, the Belfast star said that filming the series was particularly intriguing as Jamie hadn’t spent much time in down under before signing up for the programme.During his five-month stint in Australia, though, Jamie said he had a lot of respect for the Aussies, who reminded him a lot of the Irish. “I’ve always really liked Aussies but not spent enough time with them, so to be

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