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'This is a rare and unusual situation': Health chiefs tackle your monkeypox questions

More than 1,200 cases of monkeypox have been reported across the UK as the outbreak continues to grow. While the majority of suspected cases so far have been identified in London, there is a contingent of cases being reported by GPs and patients in the North West - and a handful of suspected cases in Greater Manchester.

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Vladimir Putin will soon unleash a bloody barrel bomb campaign in Ukraine after he brought in troops linked to the brutal Syrian army.The under-pressure Russian president has taken on 50 lethal weapons specialists to work alongside his own officials as they prepare to begin a new stage in the conflict, according to European intelligence officers speaking to the Guardian.Barrel bombs, containers packed with explosives and projectiles that are dropped from helicopters, killed more than 11,000 civilians in Syria after the outbreak of civil war in 2012 — including 1,821 children.Human rights groups have since accused airborne forces from Bashar al-Assad's government of using the weapon indiscriminately to unleash fear and terror upon entire populations.Now it is being claimed that the Russian army is planning to bring in men from its Middle Eastern allies to revive the flailing war effort in Ukraine, though some experts believe significant differences between the two conflicts may doom them to failure.Asserting that the western-backed and air-equipped Ukrainian army would be a much more difficult foe than the rebel groups in Syria, one European official told The Guardian: “This is probably why we haven’t seen them cross the border”“We know the capacity is there, but if they use it, they lose; we will know who’s done it, and they will likely be killed anyway.”Intelligence sources claim around 800 and 1,000 Syrian troops have volunteered to fight for the Russian army.Those wishing to travel to Europe to serve are said to have been promised salaries of $1,500 - $4,000 (£1200 - £3200) when they join the frontline, which is around ten times more than they would earn in their own country amid a prolonged economic crisis.Back on
Young child in UK hospital after contracting monkeypox as outbreak continues
intensive care after being struck down with monkeypox.The youngster was yesterday getting specialist treatment in a London hospital as cases rose to 20 in the UK.Prof Jonathan Ball, from Nottingham University, said: “The fact that we’ve got more than a handful of cases is very unusual. I’m surprised at the scale of human-to-human transmission.”The infection causes a fever, headaches and a rash that creates large bulges of pus.The current strain has a death rate of about 1%.The other main strain, which has not been found outside Africa, is more serious with a fatality rate of 10%.Dr Susan Hopkins, a chief medical adviser of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said more monkeypox cases are being detected on a daily basis.She warned the illness is “relatively mild” in adults with young children more at risk.Dr Hopkins said: “We know there’s been a period of restrictions across Europe and we don’t know where this infection has come from and how it’s come into Europe.“There’s no obvious connection in our cases in the UK to a single event.”Sir Peter Horby, of Oxford University’s Pandemic Sci-ences Institute, said: “The important thing is we interrupt transmission and this doesn’t become established in the human population in Europe.” British scientists warned three years ago that monkeypox was a threat, and they held talks over the need to develop “new generation vaccines and treatments”.
Parents get grim hepatitis warning after 12 children die in mysterious outbreak
parents have been told to keep an eye out for signs of deadly hepatitis in their children after a dozen were confirmed dead in an unexplained outbreak.Hundreds of kids have now been infected as the liver disease continues to strike children across the world — with doctors still baffled as to what might be behind the uptick in cases.Officials in Europe report that 11 children have sadly passed away from hepatitis, with another casualty recorded in Ireland last week.The World Health Organisation (WHO) meanwhile revealed infections had been reported in 20 countries, with 70 potential cases under investigation in a further 13 territories.Experts from the UK Health Security Agency say that infections have increased since children began mixing again after pandemic restrictions were lifted, commenting: "Almost all of the cases have been seen in children under 10, with most cases aged between three and five years."Most of the children affected were previously healthy and only a very small number of cases are linked to another case of hepatitis."This means that even if there has been a case in your family or friends, or if a case has occurred at your child’s nursery or school, your child is still at low risk of developing hepatitis"Medical researchers from around the world now suggest undetected virus with a link to Covid-19 could be to blame.A report sent to health science database medRxiv says that while children with Covid are at "significantly increased risk" for inflammation of the liver.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.While the boffins did not find evidence of a previous SARS-CoV-2 infection, they did find traces of an adenovirus