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King Charles' plan to give Lilibet and Archie new titles will be 'big irony' for Harry
The Express.This will come at a time when Harry, the Duke of Sussex, remains very much on the outside of the royal family.Relations have been strained between Harry and his brother, Prince William, and Prince Charles since the duke quit as a working royal in 2020 and relocated to America.Despite this, Harry has remained close to his grandmother, the Queen.However he many lose his "chief ally" in the Royal Family once the Queen dies and become further estranged from his family if he doesn't mend the relationship between his brother and father, warns Morton.Morton told The Express: "The big irony in all of this is that when Prince Charles comes to the throne, one of the first things he will be asked to do is to make Lilibet a Princess and Archie a Prince."So whilst Harry will be cast in the darkness, his children will have royal titles." Morton stressed while Harry may currently have a direct line to the sovereign now, this could change once King Charles is in power. He said: "You could have Prince Harry distanced from the head of state, unable to get an appointment unlike now when he can just jump the queue." To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.This is not the first time titles for Harry and Meghan's children have come into question.
Love Island fans slam Michael Owen’s ‘rude’ daughter Gemma after awkward Luca moment
Love Island returned to our screens on Monday night to kick off a summer of love and drama, but relationships have already been strained between some islanders.Gemma Owen, daughter of former professional footballer Michael Owen, has been slammed by fans for her "rude" remarks to Luca Bish.19-year-old Gemma seemed to offend Luca, 23, when she took a dig at his surname.After telling the lads her last name, with Liam Llewellyn saying it "sounds nice" and "just flows", Luca revealed his.Gemma didn't seem too keen on it and said: "I feel like that's a bit of an unfortunate last name."Want all the last villa gossip straight to your inbox? Sign up for our daily Love Island newsletter HEREViewers were left fuming over her comments, with past islander Shaughna Phillips also weighing in.She tweeted: "So I thought Gemma was quite rude about Luca’s surname, but apparently that means she fancies him?"One fan said: "Gemma slagging off Luca’s last name, being like that with Liam during the challenge and kissing Davide, and calling Ikenna ‘Croc man’ please why are you acting like that so rude."Do you have a story about one of this year's Love Island stars? Contact us at staronlineshowbiz@reachplc.comAnother wrote: "Wtf who insults someone’s surname? Mannerless…"One viewer tweeted: "Gemma telling Luca his surname is unfortunate.
EastEnders viewers heartbroken as Callum reveals he has 'nothing left to give'
EastEnders viewers have taken to social media to share their heartbreak after husbands Ben Mitchell and Callum Halfway split up.The pair came to blows after the mechanic was spotted kissing barman Lewis – but Callum walked out of the club before he saw Ben pull away.Ben and Callum's relationship has been strained in recent weeks after the Mitchell-heir went on a string of violent attacks following several homophobic incidents on Albert Square.During an emotional confrontation at the allotments, Callum revealed to Ben that their relationship was completely over.Following their feud on Bridge Street, Ben found his husband sat in the local allotments and explained: "I'd never cheat on you, I was upset and angry because you walked out on me."Lewis got the wrong idea, we were chatting about what it's like for people like us."We both came out at a young age, he gets it, we both understand this stuff," before Callum stormed off.The local police officer said: "Is that why you never told me about the attacks because you thought I couldn't handle it? There's a reason I was trapped in the closet for so long."My dad would rather pretend he never had a son than have me."After an emotional argument, Callum exclaimed: "All I have ever done is love you and support you and care for you."I am constantly making excuses for you, you're too busy feeling sorry for yourself and making everything about you."I won't do this anymore, Ben, I won't, we're done – I've got nothing left to give."After reuniting earlier in the episode, Ben quizzed his other half about where he had stayed the night before but Callum swiftly responded by asking the same question.Callum exclaimed: "I came to see you, I saw you and Lewis looking very cosy.""He kissed me,"
Brits only feel good for an average of 47 per cent of the time, research finds
Brits only feel good for an average of 47 per cent of the time, according to research.A poll of 2,000 people on how well they feel daily revealed a quarter of adults have anxiety at least once a week and 40 per cent experience some kind of muscle ache most days.Almost six in 10 (57 per cent) say it’s a rarity they ever feel physically at the top of their game, while 61 per cent claim aches and pains are just part of their daily life.An unbalanced diet, not doing enough exercise and not having enough hours in a day were among the main reasons people don't feel good all the time.A spokesperson for natural vitamin and supplement maker MyVybe, which conducted the study, said: "It is hard to be 100 per cent at all times and there will be things that bring us down.“Especially as we get older, aches and strains and sniffles seem to seek us out more easily than when we were younger.“However, that may also be a case of looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses as many youngsters also report similar issues.“There are so many different ways we need to look after ourselves - both mentally and physically - that it can be a full-time job just staying on top of it.”Brits also reckon they feel 100 per cent for just 10 hours and 12 minutes of an average 24-hour period - including when they are asleep.Adults usually feel best in the morning, with the evening the time they’re most likely to struggle, after the long day is over.In general, only 63 per cent of adults consider themselves healthy - while 23 per cent are currently dieting specifically to lose weight.To try and boost their wellbeing, 41 per cent have tried going to bed earlier and the same amount have made an effort to drink more water.A further four in 10 have upped their