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People baffled by 'cremated' jet black rolls – but some love to buy them crispy

READ MORE: 'Worst McDonald's in UK' where 'limp and cold' food is so bad diner threw meal awayChewy on the inside and on the crispier end of the spectrum on the outside, the munch, also known as a 'well-fired roll', certainly looks like it has the crunch appeal.However, this is not to everyone's taste.Shared onto local Manchester Facebook groups, some people have had some very strong words to say about the rolls - including that they look 'cremated'.One person commented: "Like them well done but these are a bit too far! They look like they’ve been taken out of the fire."Another user quipped: "My dad was a baker. When he did this he'd call them 'flashed'...

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'My Hinge match walked out after 10 mins – some say I dodged a bullet'
dating mishap or two – or a mountain of them if you're unlucky.Meeting new people can be difficult, so the likes of dating apps can make things that little bit easier.Getting a feel for someone before you meet in person can be helpful to whittling down those who don’t even get a chance and others who may ignite that spark.READ MORE: Woman undergoes 'Pretty Woman' transformation after ditching lip fillers and lashesJust like for Becca Hurst, who made herself an account on dating app Hinge.Having successfully secured a match, the blonde babe and her potential suitor decided to go on a date in Hyde Park.However, it was not meant to be.Becca didn’t find this out after a series of dates to figure this out, not even until the end of their meeting.Why you ask? As the lad got up and left after only 10 minutes.The hopeless romantic took to TikTok to share her story in hopes to make others feel better about their dating lives.In the clip that has racked up 261,000 views, Becca sat on a train with her headphones on and appeared to look confused as she shook her head.She explained: “If you ever feel bad about your dating life at least you didn’t go on a Hinge date last night in Hyde Park and watch the guy stand up after TEN minutes say ‘soz we’re different vibes let’s not waste time’ and walk off in the other direction.”Well, at least he didn’t lead her on!Some people ‘respected’ the lad for being upfront with Becca.One person commented: “I respect his forwardness.