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Ade Edmondson admits “strained” relationship with Rik Mayall before comedian’s death

Young Ones co-star during a one-off TV special celebrating the sitcom Bottom, which the pair created in 1991.Edmondson said “it’s very weird being in a world without” Mayall, who died aged 56 in June 2014 after suffering a sudden heart attack. He added: “It’s weird thinking that he didn’t know anything about Brexit, didn’t know about Covid.”The comedian and actor then went on to confess that he was not on the best of terms with Mayall at the time of his death.“I mean, our relationship was strained towards the end,” Edmondson said: “And when I do things like this, and I remember the absolute joy of sitting in that little office in Richmond opposite the Hole in the wall pub, it was absolute, you know, the distilled joy – the most joy I’ve ever had in my life, I think.”He continued: “Making each other laugh, Properly laugh.

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