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Ben Shephard reveals sweet family plans to celebrate son Sam's 17th birthday

Tipping Point and Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard has opened up about his disbelief that his son is just a year away from adulthood.The dad-of-two has only ever given rare insights into his life away from the cameras, but speaking to his co-host Kate Garraway on the ITV show on Thursday morning, he revealed he's got big plans for his eldest son, Sam's birthday.The 47-year-old had been discussing the new Top Gun film's premiere at Cannes Film Festival with Richard Arnold, when he shared he'd already bagged some tickets for the new film, Top Gun: Maverick. Speaking to Kate and Richard, he said: "It's my Sam's 17th birthday. So the film comes out next Wednesday officially...

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Tipping Point's Ben Shephard in stitches over Gaby Roslin 'muddy bottom' swipe
Tipping Point presenter Ben Shephard as she sailed through to the final round of the ITV game show.The radio host, 57, appeared alongside Strictly Come Dancing's JJ Chalmers and Good Morning Britain's Shaun Fletcher, who left the programme in the second and third rounds.Gaby, however, sailed straight through, beating her competitors as she took her chance during the most heated round as she battled to win £10,000 for her chosen character.Despite waving goodbye to her opposition, she struggled to keep a straight face while answering a television-based question.Host Ben asked: "What is the name of the farm that features in the children's TV series 'Shaun the Sheep'?"Before sharing the possible answers, Muddy Bottom, Windy Bottom and Mossy Bottom."Oh I love all of those bottoms," exclaimed Gaby.Ben, added: "Who doesn't love a Mossy Bottom?" causing the studio audience to erupt into laughter.But the humour didn't stop there, with Gaby explaining: "I love the idea of a Windy Bottom because that makes me laugh because anything to do with Windy Bottoms is my favourite humour."I quite like the idea of Muddy Bottom, lets just do Muddy Bottom.""Gaby would like a Muddy Bottom, please? Is the answer Muddy Bottom?"But the answer turned out to be Mossy Bottom, which Gaby says she didn't like.Elsewhere in the episode, Ben cracked a cheeky X-rated joke towards Gaby after she won a mystery prize.He said: "It won't have escaped your notice that you've got one of our mystery prizes," before the star admitted she was feeling somewhat anxious over the gift."I'm slightly scared," she confessed.To which Ben responded with: "Gaby lather me up and rub yourself down with this money can't buy," leaving Gaby speechless."I beg your pardon!" she
Ben Shephard makes heartfelt plea to fans in emotional post
Ben Shephard took to his Instagram Stories on Wednesday to pay heart-warming tribute to one of his friends – and asked his followers to support her, too.The Good Morning Britain presenter shared a post that featured a photo of a woman with her young daughter and captioned it: "This is my brilliant friend @lizfraser1 and her gorgeous little girl Scout."MORE: GMB's Ranvir Singh left shocked by Ben Shephard's comments on-airHe went on: "Her recovery journey from what she's been through is miraculous – I'm sure she will help many others who sadly find themselves in a similar position if they can find her!! So pls give her a follow and share her story."WATCH: Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard overcome with emotion after Good Morning Britain deathMum-of-four Liz is a journalist and bestselling author of the memoir Coming Clean, which is about living with an alcoholic. This isn't the first post Ben's made recently in support of one of his friends.MORE: Ben Shephard shares rare photo of night out with wife AnnieSEE: 8 gameshow hosts' TV-worthy houses: From Ben Shephard to Rylan ClarkLast month, the kind-hearted star penned a supportive message in honour of his co-star Kate Garraway, expressing his admiration for her strength, talent, and sense of humour, especially in light of her husband Derek's battle with COVID-19.
Ben Shephard promises to 'behave' as Ranvir Singh warns 'no arguments before we go on GMB'
Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard has cheekily vowed to "behave" as he appears on the ITV show alongside co-host Ranvir Singh today.The presenter's promise comes just weeks after the duo appeared to be at odds with one another while hosting GMB, although it was firmly denied by a source at the time.In view of her 119,000 followers, Ranvir, 44, published the lighthearted exchange between herself and Ben, 47, which saw him promise to be on his best behaviour.Last night at half-past five in the evening, Ranvir messaged her co-host saying: "Not then, no arguments before we go on air again ok?"We got away with it last time..."Replying, Ben wrote: "Haha - I'll behave I promise! Xx."She captioned the text exchange: "How are we doing so far?"Ranvir's update comes after viewers claimed to spot the duo were at odds with each other while presenting GMB.The two were live on air informing viewers about Putin’s catastrophic bombing of a maternity ward in Ukraine.The show was reporting live from the war-torn country, and Ben and Ranvir spoke to a number of experts.As they were discussing the heavy subject, viewers claimed that the pair appeared to be off with each other.Alibel2090 wrote on Twitter: “What's the matter with Ben Shepherd this morning ??“He's cut-across & interrupted Ranvir half a dozen times!?“(..and he does it in the most obvious & rude manner….as if he's in bad mood ???)”Jannyjann30 said: "Ben seems a bit p****d off with Ranvir butting in”Ang3yhaart penned: “deffo thinking someone's P****d on Bens' cornflake this morning.
Ben Shephard lost for words over Kate Garraway's 'tough' insight into husband Derek's life
Good Morning Britain's Ben Shephard has admitted he didn't know what to say after tuning into Kate Garraway's latest documentary, Caring For Derek, which aired last night.Taking to Twitter, the ITV host praised his friend and colleague for sharing her family's "tough" story, which follows her husband Derek Draper's recovery from long Covid, almost two years after contracting the virus.In view of his 793,300 followers, the ITV personality gushed over his friend for being brave enough to share her family's story.Ben wrote: "I don’t have the words to describe how proud + inspired I am by my wonderful friend @kategarraway."It's such a tough personal story but one she’s sharing for those that don’t have the voice."I am so lucky to call her a friend, even if I have to endlessly tidy up after her," he added alongside a cheeky face emoji.The star also shared a smiley snap of him and Kate standing together while grinning from ear to ear.Ben's tweet comes the morning after Kate's follow-up documentary to Finding Derek was aired.Kate has kept the public up-to-date with Derek’s condition ever since he started battling coronavirus in March 2020, when he became so ill that doctors were forced to put him into an induced coma.Recently, the GMB star told how an eminent doctor in the States had reached out to her after seeing the first documentary, suggesting that Derek take the flight across the Atlantic for further treatment.Derek had to undergo oxygen and pressure tests to check he was able to cope with the 16-hour transatlantic flight, but has since successfully managed to make the journey.The former lobbyist has received specialist treatment at a clinic in Monterrey and is set to return for 28 days next month, while healthcare
‘Lost a fight with a Battenberg!’ Ben Shephard aims swipe at Kate Garraway's GMB outfit
Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard aimed a swipe at Kate Garraway for her incredibly brightly coloured outfit, which she wore on the programme today.Sharing a picture of them both in the studio with his 792,500 Twitter followers, Ben made a rather cheeky joke about Kate’s wardrobe choice.Today, Good Morning Britain featured a discussion about Dame Cressida Dick’s resignation as Metropolitan Police chief, as well as a segment from money expert Martin Lewis calling for the government's £200 energy rebate to be scrapped.However, an unlikely star of the show turned out to be Kate’s dress, which proved to be very divisive with viewers. Her co-star Ben, 47, tweeted out: “Morning all - @kategarraway was at an awards do last night and this morning has won the award for ‘Best Supporting Collar!’ “Either that or she’s lost a fight with a Battenberg! “(Cheers Ray on Twitter for that)” he added with a laughing emoji.Kate’s dress featured an admittedly unique design, decorated with red, yellow and orange flowers in front of a black background on the main body. While this part of the outfit didn’t particularly prove to split opinion, it was the bright yellow and red collar and sleeves that appeared to attract the most attention. A Battenberg is a light sponge cake covered in marzipan with different sections held together with jam. When cut in cross section, it displays a distinctive two-by-two check pattern alternately coloured in pink and yellow - this pattern is not dissimilar to the one visible on Kate’s dress.Some viewers joined in on Ben’s joke, with CharlotteUKCity keeping up the dessert theme.“Suddenly had a craving for rhubarb and custard sweets,” she commented.“Kate’s cuffs and collar are guaranteed to wake the
Ben Shephard quips he's 'peak middle age' as GMB host shares pic of rarely seen wife
Ben Shephard, 47, has taken to Instagram to give fans an insight into his family life as he strolled in the park with his wife, Annie.The Good Morning Britain star, who has garnered 491,000 followers, joked that he and Annie had “hit peak middle age” during their afternoon walk.He uploaded a snap showing him and his wife wearing sunglasses as they took a walk in the park during sunset.The pair had wrapped up warm and were carrying flasks as they enjoyed the wintry landscapes.He penned: “It’s happened - we’ve just hit peak middle age.“Went for a walk with @mrsannieshephard in the afternoon sunshine, and we took flasks of tea!!“So Rock n Roll! #sorrynotsorry.”The couple were inundated with messages from friends and fans reacting to Ben’s quip.Fellow GMB star Richard Arnold said: “Middle youth.“I won’t tell you again.”Monyog added: “Yep that was me & hubby on Saturday on my birthday….“We brought his n hers walking boots.That’s middle age for me.”Mickey_as_in_mouse quipped: “Not sure my heels would cope with that Ben lol.“Now if it was a flask of a cheeky little Cocktail then I could resort to trainers lol.”Ben recently issued a health update after a fan enquired about his recovery process from his leg injury.The Tipping Point star injured his leg during a veterans football match back in June last year.He suffered a fractured leg, a ruptured ACL, and torn muscles and ligaments as a result of the incident.Ben was bed bound and underwent several surgeries before taking a break from his presenting duties on GMB.Earlier this month, a curious Twitter user asked Ben how his progress was coming along."How's the knee coming on pal?" @shrekfacethema1 tweeted."That new equipment any good? I'm 8 years post ACL op number 2 and it still
GMB’s Richard Arnold addresses 'change of guard' on ITV with Ben Shephard
Good Morning Britain star Richard Arnold has recently marked 25 years on breakfast television.  The presenter began his TV career on The Sunday Show for the BBC.In 1997, he joined GMTV as a TV critic before going on to work on GMTV and LK Today.In 2012, Arnold became the Showbiz Editor for ITV Breakfast programme Daybreak, and when the programme was axed in 2014, Richard joined Good Morning Britain.The showbiz journalist has now looked back on his career during an interview with OK! in which he described his return to ITV after doing radio as “coming back to the family”.Asked whether he had ever thought of a “plan B” for his career, Richard said: “There was a change of guard when they launched Daybreak, and myself and Ben weren’t part of it.“I’d just turned 40 at the time and I ended up going to LBC Radio, which has always been a big love of mine, so it worked out.“But after a year or so, I started getting phone calls from ITV flirting with the idea of returning.“It felt like coming back to the family, as it had been such a big chunk of my career.”However, breakfast television is not always easy and can be subject to intense scrutiny.Last year, Richard discussed the backlash Good Morning Britain presenters are often met with in an exclusive interview with showbiz editor said: "(In 1997) the only thing that you had was a duty log where viewers would call in and, you know, their comments will be written down."Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard and I would be extremely grateful when they were handed to us."And you know you could see some comments were redacted to protect our fragile sensibilities."But now, of course, it's all out there and then the minute you say something on the show it's clickbait or there's
'Just when I'm getting somewhere' GMB's Ben Shephard fumes at 'slow' injury setbacks
Ben Shephard had injured his leg during a veterans' football match back in June, leaving him with a fractured leg, a ruptured ACL, and torn muscles and ligaments.The 47-year-old was bed-bound and underwent several surgeries before taking a break from his presenting duties on Good Morning Britain to focus his attention on making a speedy recovery.He returned to the ITV show that same month but stressed he was a long way away from walking without feeling discomfort in his knee.And on Monday, one curious fan tweeted Ben to find out how his progress was coming along. "How's the knee coming on pal?" @shrekfacethema1 tweeted."That new equipment any good? I'm 8 years post ACL op number 2 and it still sucks."Keep the faith."Completely taken by the Twitter user's message, Ben responded: "8 years!?""Yeah it's slow so far, I'm 6 months post op and just when I think im getting somewhere it goes a bit wrong." (sic)After his return to GMB, the Tipping Point star detailed his horrific injury, revealing how he had "severed all the nerves" in his leg as he carried on playing football. His fellow co-host Susanna Reid appeared emotional as she told viewers how Ben had arrived at the ITV studios wearing a leg brace.It seemed apparent that Ben was determined to make it back to work by any means."I wish I had taken a photograph in my dressing room this morning, because Ben came in with quite the get up on your leg," she said. The father-of-two chimed in, saying: "Without realising, I have ruptured my ACL, I've torn the meniscus, and I've fractured part of my leg as well.""Interestingly, I didn't realise I had done it quite so badly."I carried on playing for 25 minutes before I thought, 'It feels a little bit unstable, perhaps I should
Ben Shephard gives New Year's knee injury update 'Looks like something out of Aliens!'
Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard shared a candid update via social media in the wake of his recent “knee incident”.The presenter included a video revealing the odd recovery methods he was using in order to heal his knee, which he admitted looked like it could have come straight from the Alien film franchise.Ben, 47, shared his knee recovery videos with his 490,000 followers in a couple of videos on his Instagram story. In the first video, Ben showed his leg kitted out with a number of muscle stimulators from a company called Compex UK. The four stimulators appeared to be stuck to his leg and attached to one another via wires, pulsating slightly as they worked their magic. In the caption, Ben wrote: “Had a knee incident over NY so back on the @complex_uk to get the muscle firing!!!“Always looks like something out of Aliens!” he added with a flushed face emoji.The next video saw the muscle stimulators vibrating much more intensely on his leg. “Getting jiggy with it!” Ben added cheerfully in the caption. According to Compex, their muscle stimulators are designed to optimise training and recovery, specifically being targeted towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Electronic muscle stimulators are supposed to work by sending electrical signals to contract the muscles and have been used by physical therapists as early as the 1960s. Many viewers know Ben as a host on Good Morning Britain and as the presenter of ITV’s game show Tipping Point. However, the star is also a keen athlete, counting kitesurfing, wakeboarding, rugby, football and golf as some of his main hobbies.In the past decade, Ben has completed 14 marathons, ran across the UK twice, played for England at Soccer Aid and has even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro