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Royal Marine describes Christmas Eve horror that saw both legs blown off by hidden IED

Afghanistan has spoken out about a Christmas Eve horror explosion that saw him lose both legs and an arm.Mark Ormrod, who stepped on an IED in 2007, told LadBible that despite the grim blast smashing his bones, he doesn’t let it define his life.He said: "I still had my foot attached by a muscle strand that went down into a boot, but all the flesh had been ripped off.“(It was) almost like when you get a really well-cooked rib and you can just slide the bone out - the bones were clean, the heat must have just melted it off."And then I saw that my arm was still attached but just f*****g shredded all down the bicep and the bone was smashed up."But despite medics chopping off the battered body parts, courageous Mark has been determined to carry

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