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Gemma Collins ditched filler after mum's heartbreaking comment

Gemma Collins has said she stopped getting filler after her mum made a comment about it.The former TOWIE star, 42, has previously been open about her cosmetic procedures and "tweakments". However, she said she decided to ditch some of her treatments after her parents talked to her about it and said she looked “weird”.The GC sat down with her mum Joan, 67, to discuss their relationship, where she discussed her past beauty treatments. Gemma said: “Mum always told me that it’s not about the size of your waist, boobs or lips, at the end of the day it comes down to your personality." She continued to The Sun: “I’ve had lip fillers and a bit of this and that and my mum has said, ‘Gemma, me and your father don’t recognise you, you look weird’.

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