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Vicky Pattison in tears over ‘overwhelming’ health update as 4cm cyst found on her ovary

Instagram account as her fans reached out with their support.Sharing the news yesterday, Vicky posted two very candid images of herself.The first featured her crying in the shower while the second saw her smiling in the sunshine.She penned to her 4.8 million followers: "As you guys know I have been struggling with my periods for awhile & last week I went to the doctors in the hopes of finally getting some answers.“After a consultation with a GP, some blood tests & an ultrasound- they discovered some abnormalities on my ovaries - in particular a 4 cm sized cyst on the left one - which is most probably why my periods are so painful."Vicki went on to share how she was pleased to finally “have some answers”.The television personality added: “I

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