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Keanu Reeves ditches Aston Martin for Ferrari as Carlos Sainz takes British GP pole

READ MORE: W series champion Jamie Chadwick expresses doubts over female drivers in "physical" F1 Reeves has visited a number of F1 teams and started qualifying watching from the Aston Martin garage. Sadly for the team, which is based just over the road from the Silverstone circuit, it was a short session with drivers Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll both going out in Q1.

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Putin to leave safety of Russia for first time since Ukraine war and failed assassination
Vladimir Putin is set to venture out of Russia for the first time since he ordered Russian troops into Ukraine and managed to avoid an assassination attempt on his life.Ever since Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine back In February of this year, he hasn’t ventured out of the safety of Russia.But today reports claim that the Russian president will travel to two small former Soviet states in Central Asia shortly.READ MORE: US Army vet returning to Ukraine calls Russians 'clowns' over £40k bounty on his headThousands of people have died as a result of the war, with millions of families displaced, and Putin's actions have had serious financial implications on the Western world - including the rising fuel prices.Pavel Zarubin, the Kremlin correspondent of the Rossiya 1 state television station, said Putin would visit Tajikistan and Turkmenistan and then meet Indonesian President Joko Widodo for talks in Moscow.In Dushanbe, Putin will meet Tajik President Imomali Rakhmon, a close Russian ally and the longest-serving ruler of a former Soviet state. In Ashgabat, he will attend a summit of Caspian nations as reported by Reuters.The trips are planned for June 30 and July 1 where Putin will meet Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, RIA news agency cited.
Vladimir Putin dealt humiliating blow as Russian weapon boomerangs and hits own troops
Vladimir Putin has been dealt a humiliating blow after a Russian surface-to-air missile boomeranged back at his troops.A bizarre video shows the weapon being fired into the air before it turned back and slammed into where it came from, causing an enormous explosion.Kremlin troops reportedly launched a missile to intercept an oncoming Ukrainian plane as it flew over the Ukrainian city of Alchevsk in the Luhansk region, in the early hours of Friday morning (June 24).READ MORE: Russian forces bested by goat after tripwire grenade trap injures dozens of troopsThe area is currently under occupation of pro-Russian separatist forces and is on the front line of the Russia-Ukraine War.The news comes just days after a Russian military plane burst into flames and crashed while on its way to support Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.The Ilyushin-76 cargo plane was spotted on fire above the Russian city of Ryazan (125 miles southeast of Moscow) immediately after refuelling there.Ryazan is an important staging point for the Russian military heading for Ukraine, as well as a key base for the Russian paratroopers who have been decimated during the conflict.The aircraft was forced into an emergency landing behind a busy residential tower, exploding as it touched down, sending a large plume of black smoke into the air.Stay up to date with all the latest Daily Star news by signing up to one of our free newsletters here.Nine crew members were on board, at least four of which were killed with the rest in a "grave" condition after being rushed to hospital.Three of those killed - Vladimir Petrushin, Nikolai Gorbunov, and Dmitry Andreev - died at the crash site, while a fourth died in hospital.It is understood that there were no civilian
Three people dead after Russian military plane crashes and catches fire
Russia.Fatalities were reported on Friday (June 24) morning shortly after the IL-76 transport aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in a field near the city of Ryazan.Nine people in total were on board the plane at the time of the accident, according to the Moscow-based Interfax news agency.Footage posted on social media shows a line of fire engines and one ambulance positioned in front of large flames.The blaze can be seen billowing dark black smoke in front of a row of trees, while a small crowd of people can seen watching in front of the camera.One local report said the plane was attempting to land at the nearby Ryazan airport when it crashed. The city is located around 351 miles from the border with Ukraine.Earlier this week dramatic footage from the frontline showed the moment a Russian colonel crashed in his helicopter in a 'fireball' after being hit by a Ukrainian missile.The military helicopter carrying Lt-Col Sergey Gundorov, 51, was struck by a portable surface-to-air missile near Volnovakha in the Donbas.Vladimir Putin lost his 55th colonel in the Russia-Ukraine war as the stricken Mi-35 touched the ground before cartwheeling over a narrow strip of woodland, becoming a fireball and crashing in a field.This is a breaking news story and is being constantly updated.
Retired Russian colonel who used to carry Putin's nuclear suitcase shot inside his home
Russian president Vladimir Putin has been shot at his home near Moscow.Vadim Zimin, the retired 53-year-old colonel, was shot at his home and is now gravely ill in intensive care, reports say.Colonel Zimin had been in charge of the nuclear briefcase during his time as an active member of the Federal Security Service, accompanying the Kremlin leader and carrying his nuclear warhead controls.READ MORE: Putin says 'we don't threaten anyone with nukes but we do have them and will use them'The colonel, alongside former President Boris Yeltsin, was said to have carried out the trusted role for the current Russian president, handling the world-ending suitcase for the 69-year-old Russian leader. Zimin had been a member of the FSS, rising through the ranks until he landed himself the position of colonel under his successor Vladimir Putin.But the precise role of the gravely ill colonel is as yet unknown, with the ex-KGB spy found with gunshot wounds in the kitchen of his flat located in Krasnogorsk, Moscow.The wife of Zimin, a medic, had been absent from the house as she is reportedly treating soldiers fighting in the invasion of Ukraine.The 53-year-old colonel was under house arrest over allegations of bribe-taking after joining the customs service in a senior role, with Zimin denying any wrongdoing.