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HMP Wakefield most notorious inmates including Charles Bronson as Evil Behind Bars airs

Channel 5 at 10pm, exploring the history and criminals housed at one of the UK’s most notorious prisons.Located in West Yorkshire, the walls at HMP Wakefield have seen their fair share of dangerous convicts.It has housed terrorists, serial killers and psychopaths, with many still there to this day.However, some of the most notorious are criminals of the past – including Charles Bronson and Harold Shipman.There is a reason why Channel 5 chose to use the word evil in the show’s title, as many of the acts these criminals committed are unthinkable in their horror and depravity.The press called him the “most violent prisoner in Britain” and “Britain’s most notorious prisoner.”Born Michael Gordon Peterson, he has spent most of his life behind bars after first being arrested for petty crimes in 1974.He attacked guards and other prisoners during his stay but was eventually released in 1987.That year, he became a bare-knuckle boxer, where he gained his title of Charles Bronson before returning to prison in 1988.He was also the subject of Nicolas Winding Refn’s film Bronson, where Tom Hardy played the title role.A German theoretical physicist and atomic spy, Klaus Fuchs gave over British, American and Canadian intelligence from the Manhattan Project to the Soviet Union.He was instrumental in early calculations in early nuclear weapons shortly after the Second World War, even helping with early models of the hydrogen bomb.He was convicted in 1950 and spend nine years in the UK before migrating to East Germany and resumed his career as a scientific leader.Behind the Soham Murders, Ian Huntley killed two children in Soham, Cambridgeshire.Born in Grimsby, Ian ended up working as a school caretaker in Soham before luring Holly Marie

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China's 'Doomsday' bullet trains could see nukes fired from disguised carriages
warheads that couldn’t be detected until after they were launched.Rick Fisher, a senior fellow on Asian military affairs at the International Assessment and Strategy Centre, warned that China's rail system could potentially support “a thousand additional warheads capable of reaching European and American targets”.The idea of hiding compact nuclear missiles, similar to the weapons used by nuclear submarines, on trains is not in itself new.The concept was used by the Soviet Union between 1987 and 2005, and the North Korean military has released images of a train-based missile test in the past year.North Korean news agency KCNA released photographs showing a missile being launched from the top of a camouflage-painted train in a mountainous area.But the Chinese approach – using super-fast 220mph trains instead of conventional rolling stock – makes the threat even greater and raises the prospect of a strike triggering World War Three.“Compared with heavy-haul railways, high-speed railways operate faster and more smoothly,” said a paper from researchers at the Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu.“This means that on high-speed rails, the mobility, safety and concealment of military vehicles would be greater.”The super fast trains could beat deployed anywhere on China’s 23,000 miles of high speed track, making surveillance of potential launch sites almost impossible.The launchers, currently being stored in freight cars, could potentially be housed in containers painted to resemble passenger trains, making them even harder to spot.China is believed to have conducted a test launch of a DF-41 missile from a train in December 2015.The 65ft DF-41 is an 80-ton ICBM which can deliver up to 10 nuclear warheads or penetration aids
Vladimir Putin only named one Russian when picking his three favourite football players
Vladimir Putin only named one Russian player when picking out his three favourite football players of all time back in 2018.The Russian president revealed his three favourite footballers of all time whilst speaking to the media ahead of a trip to China before the 2018 World Cup in Russia. However, there was only space for one Russian in his top three, which also included World Cup winners and football icons Diego Maradona and Pele.According to Russian outlet Tass, Putin chose legendary former Soviet Union and Dynamo Moscow goalkeeper Lev Yashin as the third and final player in his top three favourites.Yashin, who was nicknamed the 'Black Spider', is regarded by many as the greatest goalkeeper in the history of football and is the only keeper to have ever won the Ballon d'Or.He spent his entire 20-year playing career with Dynamo Moscow, winning five Soviet league titles and three Soviet Cups during this period.For his country, he was part of a side which won the maiden Euros in France in 1960 as well as an Olympic gold medal at the 1956 games in Melbourne, Australia.Is Lev Yashin the greatest goalkeeper of all time? Let us know in the comments section below.In addition to his 1963 Ballon d'Or win, he was also named the European goalkeeper of the year on nine separate occasions during his 20 seasons as a professional.As well as naming Pele, Maradona and Yashin as his three favourite footballers of all-time, Putin also explained his dedication to sport, claiming: "I dedicate about two to two and a half hours to sports every day.”He is said to enjoy the gym, swimming and judo when it comes to his daily exercise, but also has a fondness for ice hockey, adding: "I also play hockey though not so often as I would like to.