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‘Let’s get it straight, they left me!' Eamonn Holmes slams ITV and boycotts This Morning

Eamonn Holmes, 62, has doubled down on his claims ITV lied about his exit from This Morning.The presenter, who now works for GB News, has revealed he’s also no longer able to watch his old show as it would be “too sensitive” for him. Six months ago, Eamonn left This Morning after regularly hosting the daytime TV show for 15 years. Eamonn and his wife Ruth Langsford, who was also his presenting partner, were replaced in their regular Friday slot by Alison Hamonnd and Dermot O’Leary during lockdown. When he was asked whether he still watches This Morning in a recent interview, Eamonn revealed he doesn’t tune in any more.According to the journalist, fans often approach him in the street to ask why he and Ruth are not still presenting the show. Asked if he still ever flicks across to This Morning, Eamonn confirmed: “It would be too... sensitive. “I mean, I spend every day going out on the street and people saying, ‘Why are you and Ruth not on any more?’” he told the Mirror.The presenter also claimed he was frustrated at not being informed about why he was allegedly let go from ITV, insisting that he did not quit the broadcaster to work at GB News.“I wish somebody would show me the email or the letter or that I was sent to say, ‘Eamonn, this is why this is coming to an end’,” he explained. “But to tell lies, that I left them to go to GB News...I didn’t – they left me.

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‘All-consuming’ Eamonn Holmes praises wife Ruth Langsford's new venture away from TV
Eamonn Holmes, 62, has heaped praise on his wife, Ruth Langsford, also 62, as she debuted her role as fashion designer for QVC.The This Morning presenter has put her penchant for fashion on display as she debuted her collaboration with the television shopping channel.Eamonn highlighted the hugely successful partnership as he praised his wife for her hard work.However, the collaboration can also prove a challenge sometimes as the “all-consuming” design task leaves Eamonn feeling it is “like being married to Victoria Beckham”.He said: “Ruth is now phenomenally successful as a fashion designer for QVC."She is the second highest selling clothing brand on QVC internationally."She spends her time agonising over detail and plans and designs – it must be like being married to Victoria Beckham, you know?“It’s all-consuming really,” the GB News broadcaster added to the Mirror.Ruth and Eamonn recently celebrated a special milestone together following his serious health concerns.In a social media post marking their anniversary, Ruth publicly declared her love for EamonnShe shared a picture of the pair while they were enjoying a well-described break in a seaside hotspot.Eamonn wore a light blue, summer shirt , which he accessorised with circular dark shades. Meanwhile, Ruth donned a pair of tortoiseshell shades, with her hair in a relaxed up-do. She wrote in the caption: “Happy Anniversary my love @eamonnholmes.“Loved you then Love you still Always have Always will.” Eamonn sparked health concerns after he was rushed to hospital in “excruciating pain” at the start of June.Due to his trapped sciatic nerve pain, Ruth’s former This Morning co-presenter was forced to spend some time off-air.Eamonn spoke out on his health woes in his
'Incredible woman' Ruth Langsford's poignant tribute to Deborah James after Ascot meet
Ruth Langsford, 62, attended the Royal Ascot yesterday with her husband Eamonn Holmes, 63.The Loose Women host took to Instagram to gush over Dame Deborah James, 40, revealing she was "delighted" to have got the chance to speak to the "most brave woman".Ruth took to Instagram to share two snaps from yesterday's Ascot trip with her husband and Deborah.The Loose Women host sported a white suit and an orange fascinator and matching clutch bag, while Deborah looked glamorous in a polka dot mini dress.While Eamonn looked dapper in a black suit and green paisley tie.Ruth captioned the snaps in view of her 1 million Instagram followers: "An absolute delight and privilege for me and @eamonnholmes to see and talk to Dame Deborah James @bowelbabe at Ascot yesterday."The most brave, inspirational and funny woman I know."Delightful to see you there and to talk with you for so long Deborah….hope you enjoyed the rest of the day and had a few winners!"If you haven’t already, please take a look at Dame Deborah’s fundraising account @bowelbabefund and donate if you’re able to…..an incredible cause for an incredible woman #damedeborahjames #bowelbabe #bowelbabefund @ascotracecourse."Many social media users took to the comments to share their admiration to Deborah and the kind words Ruth wrote.Deborah replied: "So good to talk and spend the afternoon xxxxx."Social media user Charleylou78 said: "Such a strong and inspirational lady."Lizhambridge added: "I love this lady so much - even though I don’t know her and have never met her. Her light just shines so brightly."Kay.lowe.399 commented: "That's such a lovely photo of the 3 of you."Deborah is such an inspiration to so many people.
Loose Women's Ruth Langsford calls 'rude' ITV colleague a 'cheeky little b*****d'
Ruth Langsford has slammed her "rude" Loose Women colleague as a "cheeky little b*****d".The presenter, 62, was in a fluster as she headed off for a fashion shoot with QVC UK in an Instagram post on Tuesday.Pushing a large trolley with a number of suitcases on it, Ruth can be heard saying in the clip: "Oh, don't worry, you just film and I'll just push all your stuff."Her Loose Women hair stylist Maurice Flynn can be heard chiming back: "What is that? Your makeup kit?" "Oh, I'm so tired," Ruth replied in the clip, and it seems she wasn't best pleased with the comments made by Maurice.In writing, Ruth later captioned the clip: "Is that your makeup kit? "Cheeky little b*****d". RUDE @mauriceflynn @qvcuk."The married star could be seen wearing a royal blue blazer and trouser combination in the clip, which she paired with a hot pink blouse.It proved to be a busy week for Ruth all around as she later headed off to Ascot with her husband Eamonn Holmes' GB News co-presenter Isabel Webster.Ruth will make her long-awaited return to This Morning this summer.She will host a week-long series of episodes alongside Celebrity Gogglebox star Rylan Clark.Rylan, 33, revealed that Ruth had persuaded him to join her on the sofa during an appearance on the ITV daytime show earlier this month.He said: "I'm coming back for one week only with my lovely telly mum Ruth [Langsford]."So me and Ruthhy are going to do the show in the summer for a week.
Ruth Langsford slams 'rude' Loose Women colleague 'Cheeky little b*****d!'
Ruth Langsford, 62, has been a regular panellist on Loose Women since 1999, garnering a huge fan base on the show.The presenter has taken to Instagram to hit out at the show's hair stylist Maurice Flynn after Ruth was left running his errands around the studio.Ruth took to Instagram yesterday to share a short video in view of her 1 million Instagram followers.In the video, Ruth can be seen struggling as she pushes a cart full of large suitcases around the studio.She captioned the video: "Is that your makeup kit?!!!"Cheeky little b*****d!! RUDE @mauriceflynn @qvcuk."This comes after Ruth's husband, Eamonn Holmes, made a cheeky swipe at his wife as he presented on yesterday's GB News.Eamonn shares his eldest children Declan, Rebeca and Niall with his ex-wife Gabrielle, while he and Ruth share their youngest son, Jack Holmes.The Holmes household also features the family's rescue dog, Maggie.His co-host Isabel Webster said: "I saw this story and it made me think of you."It's why dogs are like surrogate children and I thought of little Maggie and how she really is your fifth child.""She is, I mean, I would put my children up for adoption before I would get rid of my little rescue dog," Eamonn joked in response."Is that right?" Isabel asked, before Eamonn replied: "She is, I would definitely."Yeah, I think everybody in my house is at risk of being given away except the dog."Isabel smirked: "Is that because Maggie doesn't give you any back chat?""She gives me love (which) is unconditional.
'No respite!' Eamonn Holmes blasts Brexit for leaving NHS 'underpaid and understaffed'
Eamonn Holmes should have been presenting coverage of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on TV screens earlier this month, but found himself in a hospital bed being treated for a painful back instead.The experience gave the presenter, who has just begun a new column for Express.co.uk, a renewed understanding of the "underpaid and understaffed" NHS.The 63-year-old broadcaster woke up in agony at the time and, after being rushed to A&E and having an emergency MRI scan, it was revealed that he was suffering from two prolapsed discs in his back.He was impressed by the speedy and efficient treatment he received and the "education" he was given about his condition, alongside the options he was offered every step of the way - but he lamented the impact Brexit has been having on the NHS."The 20 or 30 [staff] I met during my stay repeatedly insisted they were 'just doing their jobs'," he recalled, after praising their efforts to keep patients comfortable throughout the night."My carers were from Northern Ireland, the Philippines and Africa.They were underpaid and understaffed," he continued."Brexit has robbed [the NHS] of many European folk who used to keep the health system going and on a daily basis."I was left asking myself how the hell do they keep saving lives under these conditions day- after-day? But they did."There was no let up and no respite," he exclaimed.He also stated that the complication of staff taking sick leave due to being diagnosed with Covid exacerbated their struggle.He urged the world not to "rely on the Westminster mouthpieces for the facts", and to speak to people within the industry instead.Eamonn felt deflated not to have been at the heart of the action when the Platinum Jubilee kicked off, as he was left
Eamonn Holmes, 62, breaks silence on hospital dash as he credits 'angels' who saved him
GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes has spoken out about his dramatic visit to A&E after waking up in “excruciating pain”.The former This Morning star went on to praise the “angels” that had saved him in a heartfelt tribute to the NHS.Eamonn, 62, opened up in his first column for Express.co.uk about how an unexpected hospital dash earlier this month saw him miss out on covering the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.The journalist’s time A&E was also eye-opening, as it made him truly appreciate the tireless efforts of NHS staff.Speaking about his team at GB News, he said: “They have my respect, admiration and thanks. “But right now my heart belongs to the NHS - and the Angels who got me back on my feet again.Thank you.”Eamonn has suffered from long-term health difficulties in recent years, previously telling of his battle with chronic back pain after a dislocated pelvis led to three slipped discs.Speaking about his time in hospital for the first time, he said: “At times I had to ask myself if this was the same NHS I’d heard described on TV as broken, inefficient, wasteful and not fit for purpose.” “From where I was lying nothing could be further from the truth.”The star went on to explain how his “treatment became quicker and comprehensive” thanks to the way our National Health System works.“I ended up having my whole health diagnosed,” he explained.
Ruth Langsford reacts as husband Eamonn Holmes shares bizarre photo amid health woes
Eamonn Holmes, 62, took to Instagram yesterday to make a joke over his latest health woes.The GB News presenter left many with a few giggles, including his wife, Loose Women's Ruth Langsford, 62.Eamonn took to Instagram in view of his 756,000 followers to share a snap of his back as he underwent cupping therapy.The presenter can be seen covered in wooden cups as they suctioned onto his back.Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine, which originated in China, in which a local suction is created on the skin with the application of heated cups.The treatment is said to help decrease pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, reduce stress and even help things like skin issues or cellulite.A post shared by Eamonn Holmes OBE (@eamonnholmes)He captioned the post: "My osteo James has just gone home. How am I supposed to get into bed now?????"Many social media users, including Eamonn's wife Ruth took to the comments to joke with the presenter.Along with two laughing emojis, Ruth commented: "My ninja turtle!"While Carol Vorderman said: "That actually looks HORRIFIC."Lisa Snowdon continued: "Ruth will be playing the peace pipes on your back."Social media user Annielou175 jokes: "Flipping heck!! You look like a hedgehog."Lane_nic added: "At least Ruth will get a good night's sleep as you won’t be snoring on your back."The presenter has been very open about his recent health woes, telling of his battle with chronic pain last year after a dislocated pelvis led to three slipped discs.Eamonn said in a recent interview how swearing has helped him deal with the agony of his chronic back pain.Writing in Best magazine, he said: "Swearing has got a bad reputation – which I personally think it doesn't deserve.
Eamonn Holmes spotted with walking stick at football match after 'agonising' health issues
Eamonn Holmes, 62, was spotted among Manchester United fans at Old Trafford on Saturday as he walked towards the pitch with the aid of a walking stick. Eamonn previously opened up about his health issues which have impacted his mobility.A video shared to social media showed the GB News presenter making his way to the ground as he clutched a black walking stick.Eamonn was delighted to be there and mingled with Manchester United fans as he walked.He proclaimed: “These are my people, this is what this is all about.“There are two places that I feel really at home, in Belfast, and the other one is Manchester.“I still have family connections in Manchester and it just feels like coming home...it’s my comfort blanket.”In the clip shared to his 755,000 Instagram followers, Eamonn told fans that he was watching the Liverpool and Manchester United Legends game in aid of the Manchester United Foundation.His fans were thrilled to see the journalist up and about and took to the comments to share their well-wishes.Sheila penned: “Looking fantastic it's really good to see you out in Manchester you’re a legend, marvelous entertainer.”Christine wrote: “Nice to see you out and about walking better.”Mary echoed: “Looking great Eamonn, enjoy the match!”And Edward added: “Fair play Eamonn, one of our own.”Earlier this year, Eamonn opened up about a chronic health problem that had left him in “agonising” pain.He has a trapped sciatic nerve which has become a recurring battle leaving him struggling to walk.He said in December: “I don’t walk, it’s more of a wobble.
'Could have cost us our jobs' Eamonn Holmes reflects on 'deadly serious' feud with co-star
Eamonn Holmes recalled a feud with Anthea Turner which saw him splashed across the headlines and fearing that both might lose their careers.The former This Morning star revealed all in a recent interview."I was on the front pages of the papers because of a falling-out I had with Anthea Turner - I called her 'Princess Tippy Toes'," Eamonn admitted."It’s laughable now, but at the time it was deadly serious for both of us."It could have cost both of us our jobs, but the station probably secretly relished the publicity," he told The Telegraph.He added that he and Anthea quickly made up and are now good friends - but that didn't happen before the war of words had descended into a scandal.The pair first came to blows while they were hosting GMTV together for two years in the mid 1990s.Anthea believed she had been the victim of sexist stereotypes for being too "ambitious" - a trait she claimed men would never be accused of in a derogatory way."If I said [I was ambitious], I was made out to be a ruthless person who would walk over anybody to get where I wanted," she stated to The Sun."It would be said that I was hormonal, or I was stamping my feet."She added: "Yet if [a man is] ambitious, we think, 'What a guy'."You’d never hear anyone say that about Eamonn or Phillip Schofield.