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Lindsay Lohan MARRIES beau Bader Shammas as she calls him her 'husband'

Lindsay Lohan has secretly wed her beau Bader Shammas after calling him her 'husband' in a gushing Instagram post on Saturday.The 36-year-old New York-born actress first announced her engagement to Bader, 35, in November last year, after first being linked in 2020.It now seems as though they have tied the knot as the Mean Girls star told her 10.9million followers:I am the luckiest woman in the world. You found me and knew that I wanted to find happiness and grace, all at the same time.'She added: 'I am stunned that you are my husband.

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Lindsay Lohan’s life - drug abuse, legal issues, Hollywood and ‘assault’ video
Lindsay Lohan.The American made her TV debut all the way back in 1995, launching a career which would see her feature in one of the most quotable movies of all time.A child star, Lindsay had just come off the back of shooting Freaky Friday when she joined the cast of Mean Girls.That film was her first venture outside of the Disney universe and shot her to superstardom, with her performance as Cady Heron earning her five major awards, including two MTV Video Awards. Lindsay had only turned 18 when the flick was released, but as a 36-year-old is now a household name.The former 'teen movie queen' will be back on our screens next week, narrating a brand new dating show which will see a group of singles all head back to school in the hope of finding love.Lovestruck High is the first effort from Prime Video of a reality show, so who better to narrate than Lindsay?After all, she's had quite a life so far to lend herself to the drama.As the new show hits screens, Daily Star has looked into Lindsay's life - past and present.Lindsay has been open and honest about her previous struggles with addiction.She admitted to Oprah Winfrey in a past interview that she would use cocaine "10 to 15 times a day", coupling it with alcohol on a regular basis in her early 20s.Lindsay has checked herself into rehab on a number of occasions.Speaking about her experiences in 2013, she said: ""I could write the book on rehab.
Lindsay Lohan's mom pays rare public tribute to daughter following personal announcement
Lindsay Lohan is balancing many projects at the moment following her return to the spotlight, and there's no stopping her!MORE: Lindsay Lohan dotes over baby as she gives incredible insight into family lifeThe actress recently announced that she would be launching her own podcast, meaning she won't be in character - but instead herself - making it all the more personal.What's more, her proud mom Dina Lohan has paid tribute to her daughter in a heartfelt post alongside a preview of the podcast.VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan's the voiceover for Lovestruck High"So proud of you sweetheart," she wrote, alongside a love heart emoji.MORE: Where are the Mean Girls stars now?MORE: Lindsay Lohan shares exciting news about her careerThe Parent Trap star also shared information on the podcast on her own Instagram feed, which launches today.She wrote: "Excited to share my new podcast with you! Swipe left to hear what it’s all about! Also, click the link in my bio to subscribe so you get notified when it comes out on Tuesday, 4/26."A post shared by Dina Lohan (@dinalohan)Lindsay Lohan's mom showed her support for the star ahead of her debut podcast In an audio accompanying her message, she said: "Hello world, it's me, Lindsay Lohan, and I'm here to tell you about my brand new podcast, The Lohdown.MORE: Lindsay Lohan shares amazing personal news - and fans are thrilled for herMORE: Lindsay Lohan shares snapshots of beautiful engagement party and extravagant cake"I want the Lohdown to be a place where you get to know me, the 100% authentic me."Having starred in dozens TV shows and movies, I'm usually the one being interviewed, but now it's my turn to ask the questions, to dig deep and hear all about the fascinating and wonderful things that my
‘I did the best I could’: Illustrator behind THOSE Kardashian courtroom sketches defends her art after ruthless roasting
her drawings of the Kardashians after they were ruthlessly mocked by fans and insisted she was sat at the ‘back of the courtroom’.Everyone’s a critic, even when it comes to a court of law, and Mona Shafer Edwards has learned that no one’s above some scathing commentary on social media.Going viral might be most artist’s goal, but the LA-based illustrator found her work under a barrage of criticism after she sat in during the ongoing Blac Chyna trial.The star filed a lawsuit against the famous family over the axing of her E! reality series with ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian, Rob & Chyna, which lasted for one season, and Kris Jenner has been joined by daughters Kylie, Khloe and Kim Kardashian.Edwards’ courtroom sketches were roasted on social media with some people claiming her depictions ‘look like villains from a children’s book’, and now she’s responded.‘I do the best work I can’, she told, while noting she was sat at the ‘back of the courtroom’ and ‘didn’t have much of a view’.She claimed her critics – many of whom called her portrayal of the women ‘brutal’ and ‘ugly’ – have a ‘skewed vision’ of what her job actually is, and ‘don’t know what courtroom art is about’.Explaining how she’s been ‘doing this a very long time’, the artist – who has to use a pen rather than pencil – pointed out she has to be ‘very fast’ with her sketches and needs a ‘photographic memory’.She added: ‘[I’m] proud of what I do.’She’s drawn plenty of ‘very high profile’ celebrities in court – including the likes of Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, OJ Simpson and Kim herself during her 2013 divorce from Kris Humphries – and she tries not to ‘look at the comments’.Edwards admitted she couldn’t really avoid the reaction this time, with one