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Rachel Bilson Reveals When She First Used a Vibrator in Candid Conversation About Sex and Battling Taboos
Rachel Bilson is continuing her battle against the stigma and taboo surrounding female sexuality. The actress is getting candid once again about her sex life and her experiences learning about her body and relationships.Sitting down with sex therapist Emily Morse in a new episode of Bilson's podcast,, the actress made sure to first clarify comments she made last month that she felt were «taken out of context.»While many headlines stated that she'd said she never had an orgasm until she was 38, Bilson explained, «That's not what I said and that's not true.» What she actually said was that she hadn't achieved an orgasm through penetrative sex until her 30s, but the distinction was lost on many.For Bilson, the frustration is that sex is «such a taboo topic» for women to discuss publicly, «which is so lame.»«So many women feel like they can't talk about if they're not having an orgasm or what's helping them have an orgasm,» Bilson said, adding that it is «so important» to diminish the taboo surrounding female sexuality.Later talking about her own experiences with orgasms unrelated to any partners, Bilson shared, «I didn't have a vibrator until I was in my mid-30s.»«I hadn't even tried a toy [until then], and it was given to me as a gift,» Bilson recalled.