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Go Compare man Wynne Evans' famous mum and link to Hollywood director Steven Spielberg
Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and whose story is now the subject of a new film.Wynne was part of the Carmarthen Youth Opera in South Wales growing up, but in the early nineties, the Youth Opera's home at the Lyric Theatre in the town was under threat of demolition.However his mum, who had been a part of the Youth Opera as a teenager and now ran the group, launched a campaign to save the theatre - with a little help from Hollywood along the way.The story is now the subject of a new Sky Cinema film called Save The Cinema, starring Harry Potter actor Tom Felton and newcomer Fflyn Evans as a young Wynne.Save The Cinema tells the story of Wynne Evans mother Elizabeth Evans and her battle to save The Lyric Theatre in Carmarthen from demolition, after the town council planned to knock the building down and build a shopping centre.However, Elizabeth refused to leave the theatre and moved in there, meaning the bulldozers could not get into the building and eventually, the theatre was saved.Talking about reliving the story, Wynne Evans told BBC News that it was emotional, saying: "I've got mixed emotions about the time if I'm honest... she just moved into the theatre."He also remembered his mum as a strong and determined woman, adding: "I've never seen anybody walk into a council meeting and manage to turn the room around like my mother could...
West Side Story's Ariana DeBose convinces Bleachers' Jack Antonoff to change his band's name
She earned a Golden Globe nomination for her acclaimed performance as Anita in Steven Spielberg's new adaptation of West Side Story.And breakout star Ariana DeBose used her newfound clout to convince singer–songwriter Jack Antonoff to change the name of his band Bleachers ahead of her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live.In a promo for her episode that was released Thursday, the 30-year-old dancer-turned-actress managed to gross the out the 37-year-old producer by informing him that people sometimes get intimate 'under the bleachers.' Just teasing! Ariana DeBose, 30, poked fun at Bleachers leader Jack Antonoff enough to make him want to change the band's name in a Saturday Night Live promo featuring Bowen Yang that was released ThursdayIn the clip, Ariana put on a busty display in an off-the-shoulder dress decorated with colorful pastel stripes, while Jack affected a nerdy–cool look with a black leather jacket and thick black glasses.After she introduced herself and Jack's band Bleachers, cast member Bowen Yang — who sported newly dyed-blond hair — added, 'Such a fun name, Bleachers, like, "Hey, let's go make out under the bleachers."' But the musician seemed offended at the idea.'Nobody does that!' he interjected, while Ariana shot back, 'Yes, they do.'The thought of kissing under the bleachers seemed to have turned the musician off of his own band name.