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‘The Shallow Tale of a Writer Who Decided to Write About a Serial Killer’ Review: A Lurid Comedy That Skips Past Its Best Ideas

Siddhant Adlakha “The Shallow Tale of a Writer Who Decided to Write About a Serial Killer” marks the English-language debut of Turkish director Tolga Karaçelik. Its initial premise, about an unhappily married couple, morphs and flips on its head until it transforms into something resembling the movie’s title, though it’s only about “a writer writing about a serial killer” in the most nominal sense.

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NYPD orders character actors task force after Steve Buscemi slugging in ‘SNL’ season finale
homeless man slugged longtime Adam Sandler sidekick Steve Buscemi earlier this month.Host Jake Gyllenhaal as a police sergeant took inspiration from the random attack on a Brooklyn street to kickstart the new task force for the easily recognizable, but indistinguishable actors, dubbed the “Organization to Hinder Harmful Incidents in Manhattan,” or, “Oh, him.”“Summer is coming up and we are seeing an increase in random acts of violence across our streets. Just this week, national treasure Steve Buscemi was punched while walking through Kips Bay,” Gyllenhaal said at a press conference in perfect imitation of a born-and-raised New York cop.“These types of attacks cannot and will not be tolerated,” he added.Buscemi’s attacker socked him in the face on the morning of May 8 — causing the former FDNY firefighter to suffer “bleeding to his eye, swelling, bruising, and substantial pain” — before casually walking awayWhile jarring, the incident is far from isolated — it comes three years after Rick Moranis was punched while walking on the Upper West Side, and just one month after Buscemi’s “Boardwalk Empire” co-star Michael Stuhlbarg was also randomly targeted by a rock-welding homeless man on the Upper East Side.“Oh, that guy!” the crowd of journalists cooed as Stuhlbarg’s face came up on the NYPD screen, with Heidi Gardner adding that she could never place his name: “I always want to call him Tom something.”Gyllenhaal brought the focus back to the issue at hand: that “character actors are being targeted.”“Simply put, it’s actors whose faces you can remember, names you cannot,” he explained.“So when you may be a character actor if you’ve ever been on the TV show Boardwalk Empire.