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‘Better Call Saul’ director addresses criticism of ‘Breaking Bad’ cameos

Better Call Saul writer and director Thomas Schnauz has addressed the decision to not de-age Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston for their recent cameos.After the two actors were confirmed to appear in the Breaking Bad spin-off’s final season earlier this year, Jesse Pinkman (Paul) and Walter White (Cranston) finally made their debut during a flashback sequence in the latest episode, aptly titled Breaking Bad.While the cameos were positively received by many fans, it prompted some discussion around the decision to not use digital de-aging technology on the characters to match their younger appearance in Breaking Bad.It’s been a common complaint throughout Better Call Saul, which serves as a prequel but hasn’t noticeably de-aged any of the characters throughout six seasons.Speaking to Variety about the issue, Schnauz said: “There’s only so much you can do before it starts looking ridiculous. We don’t do a ton of de-aging on the show.

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drug and alcohol addictions.But the good news is, as Edward Furlong turns 45 today (August 2) his story is finally turning into one of redemption as he celebrates a prolonged period of being clean and sober - and his dazzling new teeth.Furlong was catapulted to superstardom overnight after being picked from obscurity to star opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgement Day in 1991, when he was 13.READ MORE: Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston unrecognisable with bushy beard at softball gameBut his career would hit the skids as he abused crystal meth and heroin in a devastating downward spiral.The drugs also took their toll on his appearance, rotting away his gnashers and leaving him pale, drawn, bloated and unrecognisable from his youthful days in the media spotlight.Furlong's life began to spiral when he was in his teens - dabbling first with drinking, smoking weed and taking magic mushrooms.It was a time when he said he "didn't have too many people looking out for me and I was left to run wild."His youth had also been blighted by his mother and relatives fighting for custody over him and his new lucrative career.By the time he was in his 20s, Furlong was taking drugs daily at ‘parties’ where cocaine and heroin were also added to the mix."When I was high, I had camaraderie with other people," he told the Daly Mail."Just drinking and partying. All of a sudden, I felt like I was with people and I fit in somehow.
Breaking Bad star Brian Cranston unrecognisable with bushy beard at baseball game
Bryan Cranston fans were gobsmacked when he stepped onto the field at a softball game with a huge beard.The Breaking Bad actor was unrecognisable underneath all of his facial hair at the All-Star Celebrity Softball game at Dodger Stadium.The 66-year-old is best known for the close-cropped haircut and tidy goatee and moustache he sported when he played Walter White in the hit series.READ MORE: Breaking Bad cast now - Oscar nominations, health scares and penning thrillersBut the snaps of him at the match showed him with a longish, shaggy hair cut and a full, bushy moustache.Bryan also had a huge beard that totally transformed his face.Fans took to Twitter to share their surprise after the snaps of the star emerged."Omg I did not recognise Bryan Cranston with that beard and long hair!!!" one stunned fan posted.Another tweeted: "Is, is that Bryan Cranston with a Grizzly Adams beard??"One fan joked that the actor was "looking like a mountain man" thanks to his new facial hair."THAT'S BRYAN CRANSTON?!??" tweeted one particularly shocked fan."IS HE GROWING A BEARD TO PLAY ZEUS IN THE LIVE ACTION HERCULES OR SOMETHING??? GOLLY!" they wrote."Holy s*** I did not recognise Bryan Cranston," tweeted someone else.One said: "Bryan Cranston looks unrecognisable with that long hair, I'm so used to him being bald."Another person admitted it took them a while to clock that the player was Bryan, tweeting: "I eventually recognised Bryan Cranston behind the hair and beard lol!"The actor rocketed to fame for his performance as Walter White in the gritty critically acclaimed Breaking Bad.His other TV roles include Big History, Sneaky Pete and Better Call Saul, which is a spin-off of his show.Bryan has also been on the big screen in films such
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A post shared by Melissa Joan Hart (@melissajoanhart)In speaking about her dress, Melissa, 46, said she purchased it in 2000 in Melbourne, Australia. "I wore it on the #LateShow with #JayLeno in 2021 after 9/11 when I only wore red, white and blue for the better part of a year," she said, noting the clothing hangs in her vacation house in Lake Tahoe."It became a July 4th staple in my Tahoe closet in about 2008 and I have since worn it every year minus 2019 when I spent Independence Day on the east coast," she said. Melissa's Instagram post also showed her in the oft-recycled dress standing alongside Hilary Duff and Bryan Cranston — a photo, she said, that was "doctored.""That never actually happened in my memory," she said. A post shared by Melissa Joan Hart (@melissajoanhart)While the of-legal-drinking-age eagle outfit got all the attention, the actress began her holiday weekend in a green floral dress. She also shared an incredible video of a water rescue simulation exercise at Lake Tahoe.The bird is the word for Melissa.Howard Stern is apparently joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he accidentally revealed on his SiriusXM show.During a break in his show, the radio icon — who didn't realize his microphone was still on — let slip that he's part of Marvel's upcoming "Doctor Doom" project, which has yet to be officially announced. The bombshell occurred as Howard spoke with his show's producer about booking potential guests for the show.