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Sanfic Title ‘Tierra De Nuestras Madres’ Broken Down by Director Liz Lobato (EXCLUSIVE)

Holly Jones With a delicately morose charm, Spanish actress-turned-director Liz Lobato is presenting her debut feature project, “Tierra de Nuestras Madres” as part of the 11th Fanfic Industria’s Ibero-American Work In Progress strand.The farcical fable scrutinizing globalization takes place in the village of La Mancha, where residents know each other thoroughly and tend to their routines like clockwork. There, beloved curmudgeon and central protagonist Rosario makes the rounds selling drug-laced fig salt to her neighbors as the town’s unknowingly sold out from under them by a bankrupt mayor.Shot in black and white, the film gives far more than it takes and absurdly relays the somber tale of corruption and a community bound to its roots so tightly its willing to sacrifice a soul or two to stay put, as futile an endeavor  as that may be.

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Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz Win Prizes as ‘The Good Boss’ and ‘The Kingdom’ Sweep Platino Awards
Emilio Mayorga Fernando León de Aranoa’s Oscar-shortlisted “The Good Boss” and Argentine Netflix series “The Kingdom” proved the main winners Sunday night at the 9th Platino Awards, which also prized Javier Bardem for his lead performance in Leon de Aranoa’s workplace comedy.Already scoring an Oscar nomination, Penelope Cruz won an Audience Award for Pedro Almodóvar’s “Parallel Mothers” at the Platinos, the biggest kudocast for movies and series from Latin America, Spain and Portugal whose ceremony was held at Madrid’s IFEMA Palacio Municipal.In all, “The Good Boss” walked off with best film, director, screenplay and actor (Bardem), original music (Zeltia Montes) and editing (Vanessa Marimbert), adding new honors to a feature which cleaned up at Fenruary’s Spanish Academy Goya Awards, taking six major nods from a Goya record of 20 nominations. Starring Javier Bardem in one of the main achievements of his career, “The Good Boss” is a darkly humoured depiction of a seemingly benevolent but finally sinister patron as well as workplace power dynamics.   The feature was also shortlisted for the Academy Awards in the international feature film category.
Academy Museum Announces Upcoming Season, Exhibits on Hollywood Founders, ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Boyz n the Hood’
Sasha Urban editorThe Academy Museum of Motion Pictures revealed the first round of exhibits for its 2022-2023 season on Monday, including a tribute to Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 film “The Godfather” and its first permanent exhibit, “Hollywoodland,” dedicated to the founders of Hollywood.Other newly announced additions to the museum include “Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898-1971,” a tribute to French filmmaker Agnès Varda and spaces dedicated to “Boyz n the Hood” (1991), “Casablanca” (1942) and the collaborations of production designer Sarah Greenwood and set decorator Katie Spencer.“The history of film is endlessly rich and varied, which is why we envisioned the exhibitions of the Academy Museum as a continually evolving set of installations and virtual content,” said Bill Kramer, director and president of the Academy Museum. “We are delighted to present a new round of stories, explorations, moving images, props, and other objects that explore the many facets of moviemaking – from the founding of Hollywood to present day.” When the Academy Museum opened in September, it included exhibitions on Spike Lee, Hayao Miyazaki and Pedro Almodóvar, but the museum faced criticism from donors and Academy members for neglecting to include explicit mention of the Jewish founders of the Hollywood studio system.“The Jewish contributions to the film industry, from its founding to today, should be highlighted,” Haim Saban, who donated $50 million to the Academy museum alongside his wife, Cheryl, told Rolling Stone in January.
'I was scared' Penélope Cruz's mum worried for her health while filming new movie
Vanity Fair, that her mother would frequently express concern for her mental state, and Penélope would constantly reassure her.However, she herself was worried about the effects of playing such a role.She said: “I told her, ‘Don’t worry’—but I was worried.“I pretended that I had things under control, but I was scared.”The star confirmed that her mum still checks in with her regularly, even a year after filming has completed.Penélope said that she also struggled when filming for Asghar Farhadi’s thriller film Everybody Knows, in 2018.She starred in the film alongside her husband Javier Bardem.“I knew it was from the tension of the character,” Penélope explained, while discussing the fact that she would get a fever nearly every night during filming of the show.Penélope appeared on The Graham Norton show at the end of January to discuss her new film.She began by explaining how she truly admired director Pedro Almodovar, and liked how much “trust” he placed in her judgement.The actress explained that she admired Pedro’s humility, and ability to ask questions about things he didn’t understand.She said he gave a lot of freedom and trust to other women on set.She said: “Pedro is so great because he knows so much about almost everything but when there is something he is not an expert in, he is not afraid to ask questions.  “He gave me and the other women a lot of freedom and trust.