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Tom Cruise filming 'Mission: Impossible 8' scenes on US aircraft carrier
Tom Cruise helicoptered onto a U.S. aircraft carrier last weekend to shoot scenes for his upcoming film "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two" off the eastern coast of Italy, the head of the Apulia Film Commission confirmed.  The "Top Gun: Maverick" star flew into the port of Bari on the country’s southeastern coast Saturday, where he spent the night at a five-star hotel before choppering to the floating set the next day, Antonio Parente, said Thursday.  Parente told Variety the ship was headed north toward Croatia during the shoot, and Cruise is expected to leave from Bari at the end of the week.  "Dead Reckoning Part Two" will be the eighth "Mission: Impossible" film for Cruise.The 60-year-old first played spy Ethan Hunt nearly 30 years ago in 1996’s "Mission: Impossible."  "We are proud that [the] Apulia [region] has been chosen as the operational base for this rather complex shoot," Parente told the outlet.  The trailer for "Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning: Part One," which is slated to be released in July, shows Cruise driving through European cities and riding a horse in the desert as a tie-wearing boss (Henry Czerny) tells him, "Your days of fighting for the so-called 'greater good’ are over" as Cruise shakes his head in disagreement.  Other shots from the action-packed trailer show him running on top of a moving train, getting ready to fly a warplane and driving off a cliff on a motorcycle.
Jessie J wows fans as she slips slender frame into skintight cut-out outfit
Jessie J has left fans speechless after slipping into a skintight neon outfit that really showed off her hourglass figure.The 34-year-old superstar singer was getting ready to take to the stage in the European city as part of her 2022 tour, but she first posted a clip to tease her fans online.The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to share a jaw-dropping video online as she prepared to take to the stage.READ MORE:Heartbroken Jessie J can't stop crying over Jamal Edwards' death and says it's 'unfair'The Domino songwriter could be seen donning figure-hugging hot pink coloured lycra tights alongside a matching bra.On top of the saucy outfit, the singer sported a neon-yellow wide mesh leotard along with matching stockings in the same revealing material.The star could be seen donning bold neon yellow and pink chunky heels as she strutted in various backstage areas.The Price Tag superstar appeared to almost get stuck in a lift before she went onto lip-sync to camera to the Aqua track Barbie Girl.Jessie was caught wearing stage makeup with bright hot pink lips while her shoulder length tresses were styled in a straight manner with a slight bouncy flicks at the base.Her defined middle parting was in view and blowing in the wind as she danced backstage to the 1997 club track before going to meet her band.The last clip in the video showed the Do It Like A Dude singer gather with her musicians backstage as they enjoyed a warm-up preparation gesture.The band could be seen positioned into a circle, placing their hands into the centre before releasing their arms into the air.The group were all smiles and laughs as they sang a line of the backing pop track as Jessie captioned the post: “Luxembouuuuuuuurrrrrg,” alongside a string of