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Jeffrey Dahmer's father reflects on chance to stop serial killer in never-before-seen interview

Jeffrey Dahmer's father Lionel reflected on a missed chance to uncover his son's serial killing spree in a never-before-seen interview with Dr Phil released this week.   Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer raped, murdered and cannibalized 17 young men in Wisconsin and Ohio. He was convicted in 1992 and murdered in prison two years later at the age of 34.Dahmer's close bond with his father was portrayed in controversial Netflix series Monster - with Dr Phil airing three-day special, In The Presence of Evil: Face to Face with Jeffrey Dahmer this week, which aims to tell the 'real story' of the killer and delve into what made him a monster.The  1990s interview with Lionel - now 86, shows the father recalling an incident in which Jeffrey deterred him  from opening a wooden box which contained the severed head of Anthony Sears, 26, who was murdered in 1989.

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