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EastEnders fans 'traumatised' by Ben Mitchell's devastating rape scene

EastEnders fans were left "traumatised" following Ben Mitchell's harrowing sexual assault during Monday (May 23) night's episode.Over recent weeks, the character - played by Max Bowden on the BBC One soap - has been going through a difficult patch with his husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay).After yet another fight with Callum, Ben decided to drown his sorrows and download a dating app where he made contact with the new manager of The Prince Albert and bartender Lewis Butler (Aidan O'Callaghan).Ben and Lewis grew close as they spent an evening together, with Ben opting to go upstairs with Lewis as soon as The Prince Albert closed. While heading upstairs with Lewis, Ben received a text from Callum which saw him and Lexi pose for a selfie.After receiving the text, a sobering Ben could be seen having second thoughts and decided to call off his date with Lewis.While Ben tried to leave, Lewis refused to let him up and events soon took a horrifying turn.In harrowing scenes, the bar manager decided to rape Ben in the same location his mother Kathy was raped by Wilmott Brown years ago.The tough scenes had a devastating impact on EastEnders viewers.Posting to Twitter, fans of the soap said they were "traumatised" by the "sad" scenes and expressed their horror at the awful situation.One gutted viewer wrote: "Seeing Ben sobbing and fighting is so sad."Another tearful fan replied: "The MULTIPLE times he said no, saying it once should ALWAYS be enough!"Broke my heart watching how traumatised Ben was to the point his face was blank, he couldn't move, couldn't react, he couldn't believe THAT just happened to him."Meanwhile, a third fan said: "I'm traumatised.

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Motorists facing fines of up to £20,000 if they get angry in the wrong place
motorists could face fines of up to £20,000 if they get angry in the wrong place.For most, when you're driving and someone either cuts you up or you're in a queue for a long time, you tend to take to your car horn.But now blasting it in anger in the wrong place could lead to a huge financial punishment.For those who use it illegally while in a traffic jam, you'll be fined £30 – and if you continue to do so, you'll be slapped with a £1,000.But now, according to rule 112 of the Highway Code, you'll be given an even greater fine if you fall foul of the horn honking rule while on a commercial premises you could face a staggering £20,000 fine.The law states that: “The horn (can be used) only while your vehicle is moving and you need to warn other road users of your presence.“Never sound your horn aggressively.“You MUST NOT use your horn while stationary on the road (or) when driving in a built-up area between the hours of 11.30 pm and 7.00 am except when another road user poses a danger.”And following on from the news that we reported about councils being able to fine you for minor driving offences from the end of this month, those same local councils now also have the power to fine you for excessive use of your car horn under the noise pollution law.If someone is found to be falling foul of the law then the council will contact you, and if you continue to break the law then an abatement notice will be given.If you decide to continue to make loud noises with your car horn after that, then you can be charged up to £5,000 on a domestic premises or a whopping £20,000 if it's done on a commercial one.According to a 2019 Freedom of Information request, the Metropolitan Police only fined eight people across London for these
Brit drivers face 'avalanche' of £70 fines under new crackdown on minor offences
drivers could be slapped with multiple £70 fines from the start of next month, thanks to new local council powers.From June 1, local councils in England and Wales will be able to take powers normally only given to the police, and dish out fines for minor infractions.The new fines can be given for those who stop in a yellow box when they shouldn't, drive in a cycle lane, veer into a bus lane, or do U-turn in a place they shouldn't.Fines can be issued off the back of CCTV cameras – not just the usual road-side cameras police use – and dashcam footage from other road users, including cyclists.The RAC has warned that this could live to an “avalanche” of penalty charge notices for drivers.Nicholas Lyes, head of roads policy for the RAC, said: “In the absence of definitive guidance on the design, maintenance and enforcement of box junctions there will be a high degree of confusion among drivers and local authorities."(It) could lead to an avalanche of penalty charge notices being wrongly issued and then having to be appealed.“This will inevitably lead to an unnecessarily high number of appeals for local authorities to review, as well as some poor outcomes for drivers.“We are worried that failing to update guidance to include the lessons learnt from more than 15 years of enforcement in London will lead to countless wrong fines being issued, no end of unnecessary stress for drivers who feel they have been unfairly treated and thousands of wasted council hours investigating appeals.
EastEnders set to tackle male postnatal depression in new emotional storyline
EastEnders is set to explore male postnatal depression in a new emotional storyline featuring Stuart Highway who struggles to bond with his newborn son.Beloved soap star Ricky Chamo – who plays the role of Stuart in the popular BBC One soap – will showcase the realities of his mental health struggle as his character also juggles his ongoing cancer treatment.While tackling his ongoing breast cancer, the Londoner appears to struggled to connect with newborn son Roland which is set to send him into a downward spiral in the heart of Watford.BBC bosses have revealed the cast and crew have been working closely with two mental health charities while covering the sensitive topic so that Stuart’s plight is portrayed to viewers at home as realistically as possible.The soon-to-be dad has been a much-loved character on the show since 2018 and has recently gone through a number of emotional storylines on the show.Over the past few months, Stuart has been diagnosed with male breast cancer which he has recently agreed to go under the knife for the sake of his son who he shares with his supportive wife Rainie Highway.Throughout his milestone journey, the actor has worked closely and received guidance from Mind and the Pandas Foundation which supports parents and carers who are struggling to cope at home. Head of Padas, Annie Belasco, said: “Pandas Foundation were delighted to hear that EastEnders intended to produce a storyline highlighting postnatal depression in men.