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Selina Scott snubs BBC Breakfast celebrations after 'feeling forced to kiss Jimmy Savile'
Selina added in her column for the Daily Mail: “The reality was rather different.”Elsewhere in the column, Selina claimed that her late co-host, Frank Bough, as well as disgraced BBC star Jimmy Savile “took liberties” with her, with the latter acting like a “lovesick teenaged” while being interviewed by her.Selina added: “For more than two hours, he acted like a lovesick teenager as I tried to interview him.“No matter how hard I tried to deflect his smutty innuendos, he kept coming back with more ‘wink wink, nudge nudge’ suggestions.”Selina went on to claim that, during the interview, Jimmy told her he “wouldn’t answer any more questions unless I gave him a kiss,” after he failed to get a reaction from her with his has reached out to representatives for the BBC for comment.The TV star was recruited to front the morning show in 1983, just eighteen months after she first anchored ITV's News at Ten.But after three years presenting the programme alongside Frank Bough, Selina moved over to the BBC's The Clothes Show, where she stayed as a presenter until 1988.BBC Breakfast viewers took a trip down memory lane earlier this week as the programme celebrated its 40th anniversary with present and past hosts.The broadcaster aired a special episode on January 17 to pay tribute to its history as Jon Kay and Sally Nugent presented a nostalgic news programme.Fans of the BBC show spotted some key differences to the usual programming as the show took a step back in time.BBC Breakfast reinstated the original vintage clock for a one-off segment as it welcomed back its first ever weatherman.Viewers enjoyed archive footage, fan favourites, and a host of extra special guests.The daily programme included a special half