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Comedian Rosie Jones responds to online abuse after recent TV appearances

she was “lying low” after having received abuse following her appearance of The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. The comedian was a panellist on the year-end Channel 4 quiz on Boxing Day alongside Katherine Ryan, Mo Gilligan, Richard Ayoade, Mel Giedroyc and Kevin Bridges.Now, in a new interview with The Guardian, she has spoken about how the episode affected her personally.“I’d be lying if I said it didn’t upset me, but luckily, I am surrounded by such a strong network of brilliant friends, family, colleagues who support me,” she said.“Do I need a thick skin? Yes, I bloody do.

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Lily Allen calls out Russell Brand’s “horrendous” rape jokes on ‘Big Fat Quiz Of The Year’
Lily Allen has criticised Russell Brand, Jimmy Carr and Jonathan Ross for making rape jokes about her while she was on the Channel 4 panel show The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year.The singer, who in recent years has pursed acting, said in a new interview that although she didn’t take offence at the time she now realises how “horrendous” they were.Her comments come in the wake of Brand being accused by multiple women of sexual assault and in some cases emotional abuse.Brand has denied the majority of the accusations levelled against him to date, however, he has not publicly responded to more recent ones including allegedly sexually assaulting an extra on the set of his 2010 film Arthur.A clip of the moment the rape jokes were made during a 2007 episode of the series went viral on X (formerly Twitter) after rape allegations surfaced against Brand in September.In the episode in question, Ross moved Allen, whom he calls “the only sexually attractive young lady” on the show, away from panellists Brand and Fielding, stating: “And then Lily may go home with her dress still on.”Fielding then replied: “How dare you – we’re not rapists.”Host Carr then quizzed Fielding about why he was wearing a cape “if [he] wasn’t a rapist” before Fielding pointed out that the cape he’s wearing is, in fact, a Jack the Ripper cape.Fielding said: “He wasn’t a rapist, he was a…”, before Brand interjected to say: “Serial murderer”.Brand continued: “There is no direct corollary between rapes and capes, it’s just a rhyme.”Allen has now spoken to Grazia UK about the incident.“[There was a clip] where I was on a chat show with Russell Brand and Noel Fielding and Jonathan Ross. And there are comments, I think, about me being raped or something.
‘Naked Attraction’ boss responds to US backlash
Naked Attraction executive producer Darrell Olsen has responded to the show’s divisive reaction following its release in the US.The dating show, which originally debuted on Channel 4 in the UK in 2016, sees a “picker” choose between six nude contestants who are gradually revealed from the feet up.Six seasons of the show were released on US streaming service Max on September 20, sparking both praise for its diverse body positivity and criticism for its explicit nudity.Asked whether he was surprised by the US response in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Olsen said: “What’s happening in the States right now is [like how the UK reacted] seven or so years ago. You have, ‘I can’t believe this is onscreen’ – shock and outrage – mixed with, ‘This is quite amazing.’ The show isn’t for everyone, but everyone is interested in it.“I think what will happen with you guys is, hopefully, what happened over here, where the ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this is on TV’ turns into, ‘It’s a pretty good show.’ Also the stories get better and we push more boundaries [in the latter seasons].”When asked about criticism levelled at the show, namely whether Naked Attraction can be empowering when contestants are judging others based on their genitals, Olsen said he disagreed with this assessment.“What it proves is that every person is different, and not just facially,” Olsen said.