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'Love going fast!' A Place In The Sun star Danni Menzies admits learning to drive at ten

Danni Menzies admits she's always been "passionate" about high-speed cars, but few fans knew just how far back her interests began.The A Place In The Sun star explained that her father had taught her as a child, in preparation for the future rally drives together that lay ahead."My dad taught me to drive when I was about ten years old," the 33-year-old tomboy confessed."I've always been quite passionate about going fast and driving cars."It was humble beginnings for Lamborghini lover Danni, however, as she reluctantly admitted with a laugh: "My first car was a Fiat Panda!"The car had been a hand-me-down from her grandfather, although that mattered little to Danni as she raced around the golf course of her family farm.There was no chance of a collision, as the former Formula Woman Racing presenter was practising her newfound skills on private property.She grew up on her family's Mains of Taymouth Country Estate, located in Kenmore, Perthshire.Two years after trying her hand at driving, she was then gifted a pony, which gave her a new focus.However, without "horsey" parents, she was forced to get to grips with riding without her family on hand to help.Later in life, when she'd grown up further, she kept up with her passion for driving by doing "a rally across Europe [with my dad]."Meanwhile, her first ever job in TV involved driving supercars.Danni seems to have come full circle after announcing her departure from A Place In The Sun earlier this year, explaining that she is yet again taking on the racing circuit on-screen."I've just been to Sweden for filming for a new project - it's like the X-Factor for female racing drivers," she disclosed at the time of our chat.She voiced a desire to work with animals for a TV show in

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'Nearly ended in disaster' Laura Hamilton says she was 'stupid' to have bonfire by house
Laura Hamilton, 40, revealed that her house had caught on fire in the middle of her rebuilding process. Today, The A Place In The Sun presenter confessed to being a “little stupid” by having the bonfire so close to her home that it “nearly ended in disaster”.On Instagram, she shared a video update of her home’s renovation project with her 157,000 followers.Speaking to the camera, Laura said: “So we might have been just a little bit stupid, and had a bonfire in the garden.“Got a bit out of control and now the fire brigade are on their way.She continued: “Yes, a bit silly burning wood so close to the house that nearly ended in disaster, but we're okay, the house didn’t burn down, and Steve and Charlie are here measuring up the staircase.”The home expert shared photos of the roaring bonfire that required emergency services to attend the scene.Underneath the video, Laura reiterated: “So I might have been a little stupid by having a bonfire in the garden which resulted in the fire brigade being called, but the house didn't burn down...“@cdcarpentryservicesltd have been measuring up the staircase.“The roof lights from @roof_maker have been installed.“The hardcore is going down for the driveway and my new sewage treatment plant is being installed @wesoffmainsdrainage“I’ve never lived 'off grid' and knew nothing about sewage treatment plants so in my next instalment Mark for @wesoffmainsdrainage will be explaining more about them and how they work!“#therebuild #nogiftedjustgreat @immaculatepropertyltd @roof_maker @coppardplant @markgward @wesoffmainsdrainage #offgrid #renovation #drainage #rooflight #carpentry.”In response, fans applauded the star’s amazing home renovation as they eagerly anticipated seeing the finished
A Place In The Sun's Danni Menzies' frustration at attention over 'war hero' ex-boyfriend
Danni Menzies moved on years ago from her brief relationship with a "war hero", but wants to make it clear that she doesn't want that period of time to define her.The A Place In The Sun presenter is now dating someone new but is remaining tight-lipped about the mystery man's identity for the time being."This is so frustrating - I dated [my soldier ex] three years ago and it was for like a few months," she clarified."But because he was a war hero, people were splashing it everywhere.""I've not spoken to him for a long time," she added.However, as the war rages on in Ukraine, Danni has now admitted she would consider a job role in the midst of the conflict herself."I know a few people out there at the moment who are reporting, but they're all ex-army," the 33-year-old explained."To go into such a serious war zone you almost have to have a certain amount of training to make it there, and obviously there's a big gender imbalance in the army," Danni added.However, she admitted that she would happily "try just about anything"."I mean, obviously most of those reporters were journalists so they do a lot of studying to get there, but I'd give anything a go."She acknowledged: "It would be very eye-opening and very difficult, I think."However, Danni is breaking down boundaries of how genders are defined with her work in the field of supercars.Traditionally a male-dominated sport, she has taken part in rallies with her father and claims he even taught her to drive at the tender age of ten.Her first-ever TV role involved supercars, and she has now come full circle after announcing to Express.co.uk that she will be part of a new show about female racing drivers.Danni wants to encourage women to view racing as a competitive sport and
'Worst episode in 18 years!' A Place In The Sun's Jasmine Harman reflects on bad weather
Jasmine Harman, 46, took to Instagram last week to show her followers to awful weather conditions in Spain while she was filming.The A Place in the Sun presenter took to social media again yesterday in sunny England to discuss the "worst episode ever" while soaking up the UK bank holiday sun.Jasmine posted the short video on Instagram in view of her 104,000 followers.She can be seen with the sun glaring down on her, while she shades herself with her large sunglasses.The presenter said: "After enduring what was possibly the worst episode ever in 18 years on A Place in the Sun in terms of weather last week in Spain, it's so nice to be able to enjoy the rarest of all rare weather phenomenons which is a sunny bank holiday in the UK."Has this ever happened before? It's so nice!"She continued: "Ooh and although the start of last week was absolutely dreadful both in terms of weather and properties, wait till you see the end of it."It turned out very unexpected."She captioned the last video clip: "Can't wait for you to see the episode filmed last week!"Jasmine's comments come after she filmed in Costa Blanca last week, which was hit with rain and heavy winds.While standing on the Torrevieja promenade on January 4, Jasmine laughed and exclaimed: "It’s just getting worse and worse! Look at this..."She turned the camera to show the waves crashing onto the coast as the wind could be heard roaring in the background.The windswept presenter continued: "I've never seen waves quite like it," before introducing the couple hoping to find their holiday home.Jasmine, who was wrapped in a hoodie and a big coat at this point, turned to them and asked: "We are having fun aren’t we guys?! Is this what you were expecting from A Place In The
'She's had a bit of a rough ride' Meghan Markle praised as 'role model' by Danni Menzies
Prince Harry's controversial wife, Meghan Markle, since she fled the UK with him after splitting from the Royal Family - but Danni Menzies isn't one of them.The A Place in the Sun star, 33, has claimed that the ex-royal is "absolutely" a "role-model"."I think she's probably had a bit of a rough ride," Danni reasoned, "and she does a lot of very good things."The TV presenter, who recently announced her departure from Channel 4 show A Place in the Sun, has confessed she "hasn't been reading the headlines" on Meghan due to her hectic schedule.However, she was supportive of the difficulties she is said to have endured during her time in the Royal Family, after she claimed she "didn't want to live" while working as a Duchess.Meghan's account of her time in the Royal Family polarised the celebrity world, with Piers Morgan insisting he "didn't believe" she had been suicidal.However, while Piers dismissed the pair as "shameless spoiled brats", the likes of Stacey Dooley and Amanda Holden had both expressed support for her.Meanwhile, Strictly Come Dancing star Motsi Mabuse made it clear where her feelings lay about Meghan's claims, writing on social media that she had "zero tolerance for racism".Now Danni has joined those in the showbiz world who are Team Meghan.However her goodwill doesn't extend to cat kicker Kurt Zouma, who - as a committed animal lover - she finds "disgusting"."I don't know what you'd do to punish someone like that," she mused."Too right [that he lost sponsorships] - he's disgusting," the Edinburgh beauty continued."It was really awful seeing that, especially because he was in front of his kids, wasn't he?"Teaching your kids that that's acceptable behaviour is disgusting."Danni's other bugbears include how
Danni Menzies reignites row with 'idiot' A Place In The Sun fan over 'hooker outfit' swipe
A Place In The Sun presenter Danni Menzies has revealed that she regularly experiences sexist comments due to being in the public eye.The 33-year-old beauty admitted she occasionally gives in to the temptation of "making trolls look stupid" by publicly blasting them for their insults."I know I don't look like a hooker! She's making herself look like an idiot!" Danni defiantly declared in a new interview with Express.co.uk, reigniting a row she had with one particular A Place In The Sun viewer, who criticised her on-screen outfits last year."Typically I just ignore [trolls, but] I might occasionally, if you catch me on a bad day, react to someone who needs putting in their place," she confessed.Branding them "keyboard warriors", she added: "You just have to pity them for taking such a huge interest in your life, because they've not got one of their own."It comes after the Scottish TV host fought back against criticism over a 2021 promotional photo taken for A Place In The Sun.Danni had been wearing a girly pink tulle dress cut to above her knee, prompting some Instagram users to cruelly claim that she was dressed like a "hooker".The star, who recently announced her departure from the show after six years, admitted of her reaction: "It's just a little bit of a vent, basically. Making someone look stupid!"When they've made a really silly comment and you manage to sort of shut them down, it makes you feel a little bit better."[Sometimes] silence is better but I dunno...
'Blew me across a mountain' Leah Charles-King flees 'dangerous' A Place In The Sun filming
A Place In The Sun star Leah Charles-King took to Instagram to reveal all about the extreme weather conditions she was enduring. Leah had been driving with her TV team in Alicante, Spain, with the mountain Puig Campana appearing majestically in the distance - or at least it would have been, had the views not been obscured by drizzling rain.With her mood verging between crying and laughing, Leah revealed that as "a Londoner via the Caribbean", she was also finding the conditions unbearably "freezing cold".However, it wasn't just the temperatures that were worrying her, as an extreme gale had almost sent her flying across the mountain when she'd attempted to film a segment for the property hunting show amid the storm."We went out there for like two seconds," an open-mouthed Leah exclaimed."The umbrella not only broke in half within moments, but it blew me almost across the mountain!"She then confessed: "It's actually gotten to the point where it's just a bit dangerous."Why would we be standing out in a gale storm just to show them a mountain?"Leah, who had been pretending to sob seconds earlier, admitted defeat and decided: "I think maybe we should abort mission and get to the next property."In another Instagram Stories clip, she told her 11,600 followers that they had truly "tried"."We drove all the way up here for 40 minutes to try and film it," the frustrated presenter vented."It's just not gonna happen for us today, I'm afraid - because even if we did film it, would it make the show?""That's the question," she cackled, while the rain and dark, unclear skies were visible from the car window.
'Not the best!' A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton shares concern over risque outfit
Laura Hamilton took to social media earlier this week to address her concerns over a dress she chose for filming A Place in the Sun.The host had travelled to Spain to film a new instalment of the hit Channel 4 programme.But the sunny holiday hotspot has recently been hit by devastating storms and floods.As of Thursday, Spanish meteorological agency AEMET has issued several yellow and orange warnings for Spain's southern and eastern coast.Among the diverse warnings, there are alerts for rainfall, coastal impacts and wind in several parts of the country.Despite the stormy weather, Laura packed a flowy dress with a risqué slit that put her long legs on display.She detailed her concerns over the outfit choice in a new Instagram post.The post features a picture of Laura striking a pose and kicking her leg up.She wrote in the caption: “I’m going for the leg split dress too this week @jasmineharman!“Prob not the best dress choice in this weather in Spain…“It’s grey, overcast and blowing a gale…but let’s smile, have fun and be grateful…"She concluded: “Hopefully going to change someone’s life this week…”The summery dress featured short sleeves and a show-stopping slit, as well as a mix of leopard and zebra prints.She complemented the look with black patent stilettos and a bold red lip.Fans of the TV star rushed to the post’s comments section to compliment her style choice.Markbatchelorbusiness said: “Perfectly blending and resonating with your surroundings there, Laura.“That dress complements beautifully!” (sic)Hopwoodlinda added: “Hope the weather gets better for you.“I’m going to Spain next month and hope weather will be good. (sic)“At the moment l don’t know which clothes to take.
A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton living her best life with some wild afternoon pole dancing in Valencia after split from husband
A Place in the Sun star Laura Hamilton enjoyed a raucous Tuesday afternoon in Spain as she tried out a spot of pole dancing while hanging out with colleagues.Over in Valencia, Spain for more filming on the hit property TV show she fronts, the presenter seemed to well and truly reject the idea of a peaceful Spanish siesta as she clambered up on top of the bar to show off her best moves.The star and the crew were in high spirits as they enjoyed their lunchtime boogey, with 39-year-old Laura sharing a clip of herself dancing energetically away with a crew member pal after the team had donned colourful sombreros during their meal.‘Yep we’ve lost it!’ wrote Laura alongside her upload, adding: ‘The soundman approves “NICE”,’ with a laugh-cry emoji, as his comment and laughter was heard from behind the camera.To much noisy encouragement, Laura was then seen negotiating with the pole on top of the bar, as she leapt onto it before sliding off in giggles.As she was told, ‘Come on, Laura’, the host then swung around again and went for another leap up.To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 videoLaura captioned the video: ‘Today is really getting a little strange,’ before tagging a friend and asking for some pole dancing tips.She had shown off her outfit of a patterned green and white midi-dress with a thigh-high split for the week’s filming on her grid earlier, joking: ‘Prob not the best dress choice in this weather in Spain…‘It’s grey, overcast and blowing a gale…but let’s smile, have fun and be grateful… hopefully going to change someone’s life this week…’This comes shortly after the presenter announced her shock split from husband of 13 years, Alex Goward, in
A Place In The Sun's Laura Hamilton breaks silence over sparking concern 'Very frustrated'
A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton had been expecting to fly to Spain yesterday, but instead of soaking up the bright rays of the sun in an exotic location abroad, it was more a bad case of the blues, after she tested positive for Covid.The star took to Instagram to share her frustration with her 153,000 followers."I just wanted to post this story as a few people have asked me: 'Are you okay?' following my post yesterday about being positive with Covid," she began in a clip from Instagram Stories."I'm very frustrated because I don't have any symptoms really - maybe a little bit of a blocked up nose and a little bit of a husky voice," she continued."I did have a cough a few days ago but I actually feel fine and I wouldn't have done a test, but I'm required to for work."It's when I did my test yesterday morning, before travelling to the airport, that I found out that I was Covid positive."Laura had expected to get the all-clear due to feeling normal, but just moments before setting off, her plans were put on ice."So very frustrating," she groaned, "but there you go!"However, the TV star has the perfect location for any self-isolation she may now choose to do, as she has just arrived at a new, albeit temporary, home."I moved into a new rented property which is where I'm staying now for a good few months while I renovate the inside of my house which is all very exciting."She added triumphantly: "I've unpacked, I'm all set up!"As someone who typically assists in selling houses, the 39-year-old seemed pleased to be on the receiving end this time and to be moving into a new place of her own.Newly single Laura split from her husband Alex Goward earlier this year, with whom she shares two children, and she recalled
‘I had so much anxiety!’ A Place in the Sun's Leah Charles King recalls when she got gig
A Place in the Sun since she started late last year.The presenter has spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk about the moment she found out she got the "life changing role".After Leah's final interview there was a month-long wait to find out if she was successful in getting the role.Speaking to Express.co.uk, she said: "It was an anxious month-long wait for the decision, it was Easter as well and that added a week on."My heart was beating, I had so much anxiety, honestly!"And then out of nowhere I got the call from the head and I started crying, I was in the middle of the street actually.She continued: "I had my granny trolley with me and I was just about to go to my food shop and I had just come out of the dentist and I saw this call and I thought, do I answer it or do I wait till later?"As I know if it’s bad news I might cry and if it’s good news I will definitely cry."I was like, I can’t wait, I'm just going to call him back."Then I was told and I spent about two weeks in tears because it was a sigh of relief first and foremost because of everything I have been through with my mental health."Leah has been very vocal about her battle with bipolar disorder and is an ambassador for Bipolar UK.She uses her presenting platform and social media pages to normalise the conversation and to end the stigma around mental illness.Leah has admitted she has tried to commit suicide in the past as a result of her mental illness but is really happy she held on.She said: "I have been suicidal in the past and you know, on a couple of occasions have tried to take my own life unfortunately."But presenting is something I know I am good at and I have worked hard at."It makes me happy and I don’t do it for fame and fortune."She continued: "I
A Place in the Sun's Leah Charles King replaced co-star in previous role
A Place in the Sun late last year and has become a firm favourite on the show since.Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Leah revealed she had not only met one of her co-stars before the show but she actually replaced them in a previous job!Before going into presenting, Leah had a successful career as a singer, working with the likes of George Michael and Lionel Richie.She was also part of an R&B girl band with her cousins called Kleshay, securing two UK top 40 singles in the 90s.Speaking to Express.co.uk, Leah revealed that she actually replaced her now colleague Jean Johannson on Disney channel.She said: "I worked with Jean, actually I didn’t technically work with Jean but Jean was also a Disney presenter and when she left Disney I actually replaced her."And you know, that was 20 years ago so I knew Jean from then.She continued: "Once you're part of the Disney presenter alumni we all just kind of keep in touch."Leah has been very open about her battle with bipolar disorder and is an ambassador for Bipolar UK.She uses her presenting platform and social media pages to normalise the conversation and to end the stigma around mental illness.Leah admitted she used to be "petrified" and "ashamed" of her diagnosis and telling others about it.She said: "When I was diagnosed eight/nine years ago, I hid it."I only came out, as I call it, my big coming out, about two years ago."I couldn’t think of anything worse than bipolar because, you know, if you have anything else, people will give you sympathy and they will wrap you up in love."But when you’ve got a mental illness you are very much left alone and it’s already such a lonely condition and I just hid it."She continued: "I was hiding a big part of myself and when I came out it
'Glad I held on' A Place In The Sun's Leah Charles King previously tried to end her life
A Place in the Sun last year and has become a firm favourite on the show.The presenter has spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk about her battle with bipolar disorder, with the low points leading the star to try to take her life.Leah has been very vocal about her battle with bipolar disorder and is an ambassador for Bipolar UK.She uses her presenting platform and social media pages to normalise the conversation and to end the stigma around mental illness.Leah admitted she has tried to commit suicide in the past as a result of her mental illness but is really happy she held on.Speaking to Express.co.uk she said: "I have been suicidal in the past and you know, on a couple of occasions have tried to take my own life unfortunately."But presenting is something I know I am good at and I have worked hard at."It makes me happy and I don’t do it for fame and fortune."She continued: "I have never been money driven but it really makes me happy."The last time I was quite ill I promised myself I would hold on a bit longer as miracles can happen and I’m glad I held on because here I am!"That is why for two weeks I cried as I felt I was able to breathe for the first time!"She also admitted she was "petrified" and "ashamed" of her bipolar diagnosis and telling others about it."She said: "When I was diagnosed eight/nine years ago, I hid it."I only came out, as I call it, my big coming out, about two years ago."I couldn’t think of anything worse than bipolar because, you know, if you have anything else, people will give you sympathy and they will wrap you up in love."But when you’ve got a mental illness you are very much left alone and it’s already such a lonely condition and I just hid it."She continued: "I was hiding a big part of myself
A Place In The Sun's Danni Menzies bids farewell after confirming she’s filmed ‘last show'
Danni Menzies took to Instagram last night to explain to her fans that her final episode of A Place in the Sun has already been filmed.The television presenter has announced that she is leaving the Channel 4 series behind this year.Danni has been keeping her fans updated on social media about her exit from the property show.This came after she confirmed she had quit the show last weekend.The star said in a statement at the time: “After six years on the show and about a hundred shows filmed, I've decided to hang up my summer dresses."The show has been such a huge part of my life, and I'd just like to thank and send love to all of the wonderful people I've met on this journey who made it so special."Now Danni has confirmed that filming has already been completed on her final episode.She made the announcement during a Q&A on Instagram last night.As the star travelled by train up to Scotland, she invited her followers to ask her questions.One fan was surprised to hear about her exit, as they wrote: “Are you leaving A Place in the Sun?”In response, Danni shared Express.co.uk’s article about her leaving as she explained the news.She wrote: “The news is out, I am!!!“I’ve actually just filmed my last show.”However, Danni did confirm that she will be on screens on the show a while longer.This is because A Place in the Sun films its episodes quite a long time before they’re broadcast.Danni added: “However, I have loads of new shows coming out over the next year.“SO I’ll be bringing you the sunshine and fab property searches on @channel4 for a while.”Danni’s final episode has not yet been announced by Channel 4.Elsewhere, the star shared some insight into her getting ready routine this morning.She posted a short video as she tried
'Disaster has struck' A Place In The Sun's Jasmine Harman speaks out as filming cancelled
Jasmine Harman has been left at a loss as she admitted filming for the new episode of A Place in the Sun has been “cancelled”.The presenter shared the update with her followers on Instagram earlier tonight as she explained what happened.Jasmine is one of the presenters of the Channel 4 series A Place In The Sun.The series sees house hunters hoping to relocate to their dream home out of the UK.In each episode, Jasmine and her co-stars show them several properties to see what suits them.The star was due to jet off to warmer climates today to film a new episode of the show.However, Jasmine admitted her plans were scuppered after “disaster” struck.Posting on her Instagram Stories tonight, she shared a video explaining the issue.Jasmine said: “So, I’ve got some news, disaster has struck.“I think for only the second time in the almost 18 years I’ve been working on A Place In The Sun, a show has been cancelled.”The presenter went on to say she’s not where she thought she’d be following the news.She added: “And I was supposed to be in Lanzarote today but I’m still at home in the freezing cold.“My poor house hunters tested positive with Covid on Saturday.“So obviously, [they] are not able to travel out to location to find their dream house.”Jasmine admitted she didn’t know if the episode will be rescheduled or not.However, she shared her hopes for the house hunters amid the news.She continued: “I just really hope they’ll get another chance to do that because they must be absolutely gutted.”Just a few weeks ago, Jasmine was in Gran Canaria helping some other house hunters find their home.Posting on January 27, she shared a snap of herself in the sun.Alongside this, she wrote: “One of my favourite spots on Gran Canaria!“With