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'Always wrong!’ Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen gets social media warning from husband

Amanda Owen, 46, has opened up in an exclusive interview with about what Clive Owen thinks of her social media posts.The Our Yorkshire Farm star admitted how she hit back at him for being “always wrong” about things like this.Amanda has opened up about her social media presence, while boasting more than 160,000 followers.Chatting with, she admitted she was a fan of using puns in her captions.However, her husband Clive is not as impressed with her wordplay.Amanda said: “When it comes to puns, it always feels like I’m really keen on the puns.“Clive is always saying, ‘Puns? Oh, you shouldn’t put things up on social media that are so punny, people don’t like them!’“And I’m always like, ‘Wrong! Clive, you’re always

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