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Dr Karl star Alan Fletcher's devastation after being refused Neighbours' keepsake amid axe

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Neighbours for almost 28 years, making him the longest standing character with a recurring role on the hit soap.The Channel 5 star has spoken exclusively to about what he was allowed to keep on set for a keepsake and was surprised he was unable to keep a treasured item.The actor explained he was not allowed to keep much memorabilia from the Neighbours set now the soap has finished.He replied: "Well, very little.

I was actually given the opportunity to take 10 items of clothing so I’ve taken some of Doctor Karl’s coats and things which have proved useful as I’ve already used them in some filming."But I took photos, I made sure to take photographs of anything like the photos on the walls."That was a big thing for me, particularly the ones behind glass that couldn’t be taken out."I also made sure I went through all the hard drives in the publicity office to get as many photos that were relevant to my time as I could possibly get."I tried to buy Doctor Karl’s guitar off them but they weren’t interested!"Alan used to sing with the guitar throughout the years on the show, surprising many viewers with his hidden also asked Alan what he would be doing now Neighbours had finished.He replied: "I would often shoot over to the UK and do either panto or band tours and so forth.So I've always kept myself busy."But with Neighbours finishing I will be doing the Doctor Karl tour in the UK and probably doing it again in 2023."Besides that, I will also be playing a lot of music and doing a lot of festivals."So I reckon this year is going to be pretty busy for me!"From now on, Alan will be focusing his time on his Doctor Karl tour and his music career.For his new single, Alan teamed up with former.

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