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Austin Butler brought his Elvis accent to the 2023 Oscars: ‘It’s so cringe’
Elvis” accent at the Oscars on Sunday — much to the chagrin of fans tired of hearing his take on the southern drawl.Live from the champagne carpet, Butler told ABC that being at the Oscars as a nominee “feels like an impossible dream” and he has to “pinch himself.”“Every time I get up in front of people as myself I’m nervous,” he added with his Elvis flare.Fans, however, would have prefer Butler just be himself vocally, with many poking fun on Twitter.“Austin Butler still has a hint of that accent and I’m gonna shove him into a locker,” wrote one Twitter user.“Sorry not sorry, but it’s so cringe to listen to Austin Butler speak with the Elvis accent,” chimed in another.One even joked: “take a shot every time austin butler uses the elvis accent tonight.”At least one fan was impressed he was still putting on the accent, writing: “austin butler deserves an oscar simply for not losing that damn accent.”E! red carpet host Laverne Cox asked Butler what his favorite part of “embodying” Elvis was since he has previously said the character “became a part of fiber of [his] being.”The actor responded that he feels like a different man after the process and it’s hard to pick just one thing “because it’s such a part of my life.”The 31-year-old California native was nominated for Best Actor for playing the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis.”Butler’s voice has a noticeably deeper pitch since he performed in the drama, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2022.“The Carrie Diaries” alum said he spent over two years prepping for the performance, not even seeing his family for a long time as he immersed himself in the role.He explained in June 2022 how he couldn’t get rid of Elvis’ famous Southern baritone